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sidekicknicholas 04-11-2011 10:19 PM

Casino Table Games
Just figured I would see what people like to play....

Since I could gamble (2 years now) all I play is craps, and to this day and never lost.
In the last week I've been the a casino 3 times and made out like a bandit every time
Thurs - went in with $150 left with $440 (thats after tips and dinner too)
Sat. - went in with $100 and left with $280
Today - went in with $100 and left with $310.....

Its probably to good to be true, but the way I usually play (I have a little system) is really really hard to walk away a loser.

Anyone else have certain games / craps strategies that work for them?

acurtis_ttu 04-12-2011 7:13 AM

" He's probably on a heater...you never leave the table on a heater" lol - Hangover the movie.

ahh the joys of gambling......vegas wasnt' built on winners:)

Hope the luck continues. Craps does have the best odds in vegas. still losing...but best odds.

buffalow 04-12-2011 9:32 AM

I have been playing craps for 20 years and there ain't no winning system! There are some good systems that are effective, but none that are guaranteed. As a general rule the key to gambling is leaving at the correct time. If you can stay sober and leave on the upswing, than you are ok. Generally when you don't you walk away a loser. I have played on the "dark side" for about 5 years and find it to have a better percentage for me. Since craps tend to ride waves it is a matter of getting in early and leaving at the high, which is the hard part.

I recommend ready as many books as you can on gambling and craps, they will give you lots of information on theories and percentages. They will also explain the "vig" and how to best utilize your bets to minimize the vig. The lights don't turn themselves on in casino's!

Good luck!

sidekicknicholas 04-12-2011 10:34 AM

I do the following:
Bet Pass and Don't pass -- at this point the only way I lose if a 12 is rolled on the come out roll

If the point is on 4/5/9/10 -- I'll bet on the don't pass line (if shooter doesn't seem to be hot) - just simply play my odds
If the point is on 68 -- I do nothing

I also never bet more when I'm rolling.

EVERY single time I've played I walk away with more money that I start. You don't win much each roll, you don't lost much (or anything if it doesn't feel good), but I think its pretty safe

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