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04-10-2011 9:33 AM

MC X-10 Hours Help
I went and looked at an 03 X-10 yesterday. Online it showed that it had 350 hours and the dealer mentioned that as well when I was there. However, when I turned the key on the gauges lit up and under the Tach, it said 430. Is this where the hours show up on this boat?

I have an old Sea Ray, so my hours are under the engine cover attached to the actual engine, so I wanted to make sure.


h20king 04-10-2011 10:24 AM

the answer is yes that is where most boats show hours.These gages are not always accurate so the best way to find true hours is have the dealer plug in a scan tool to the ECM and the read out will show real hours

04-10-2011 2:21 PM

More hours is better.

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