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johnboyy7 04-09-2011 7:28 PM

07 X1 surf set up?
i just got a X1 and im trying to figure out the best surf set up. i took out my hard tanks and put in 550's.
do yall ever have trouble with the platform "digging" into the wake?

vman 04-09-2011 9:20 PM

Absolutely. You will want to read some of the past forum discussions on the platform and how it affects the wake. Many here (like me) have found it worth the time and expense to customize the platform in order to "get it out of the way" of the wake. Notably the lip on the back edge of the platform which will dig into and disrupt the "lip" of the wake. Many of the Mastercraft X series platforms have the lip on the platforms.

johnboyy7 04-10-2011 1:53 PM

cool. thanks. what kinda weight set up do you have?

vman 04-10-2011 4:07 PM

X45 with about 2500 lbs. Approx 500 internal plus 2000 in FH sacs under and on surf side seats. You will want to purchase some sacs of different sizes and a couple of tsunami pumps. Try different configurations until you create something surfable. You will spend many hours tweeking your setup....but that's part of the fun. lol.

nkknutson 04-29-2011 12:56 AM

I just purchased a 07 x1 too, can't wait for the weather to improve. When we took the boat out the surf wake looked good but there was plenty of room for improvement. We still have the hard tanks, how hard where those to replace? Please update this post with what you find or pm me with some of your findings.

vman 06-08-2011 3:31 PM


Originally Posted by tcmercil (Post 1684699)
what have you done to the lip of the swimdeck - any photos of anyone customizing their MC platforms

Many posts on this subject here and on Team Talk. Donovan at MC Arizona has some surf decks. I will post some pics of my deck.

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