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t0nyv831 04-09-2011 7:23 PM

3rd Needed for Lake Anderson this week..
Got one other rider confirmed and a flag holder, but they have to cut around noon. Come out for a set or two and lets get the season started proper!!.. Hit me up on here or call/txt. 831-261-five seven four four. Sanger V215, PP, Sacked!..

Tony Vega

rmartin 04-10-2011 11:59 AM

Hey Tony, what day are you looking to get out? I might be heading down that way this week.

t0nyv831 04-10-2011 2:34 PM

Yeah, be nice if I put the date Im riding..lol... Im heading out on Wednsday, can u swing it?

rmartin 04-11-2011 6:10 AM

Wednesday sounds good. I've got to double check some things, but I'll let you know for sure by Tuesday.

t0nyv831 04-12-2011 11:36 AM

Robert, going to have to cancel Wednesdays trip. Weather is not looking too pretty. If you're down here often, I ride quite a bit in the summer (weekdays) hit me up!!..


rmartin 04-12-2011 2:21 PM

Hey tony, no worries. I was just logging on to let you know I wouldn't be able to make it. Call me any time you need an extra person or two, I live in Disco Bay but am always down to ride Anderson. (408)607-3511 Thanks.

dave27 04-12-2011 2:57 PM

I can make it there by 4:45, weekdays, does that work for you? PM me next mid week set.

t0nyv831 04-14-2011 7:37 PM

Dave, I'm usually off the water by 1 or 2 depending on the wind situation. If you're available in the a.m. we can set something up mid week for sure.


dellagucci 04-19-2011 11:12 AM

I'm down for weekdays on anderson. Nice and early before the winds come. I gotta keep a board at home, so I don't have to drive all the way to my boat. Tony I'm riding the delta alot this season. Keep in touch

t0nyv831 04-20-2011 9:36 PM

Stephen, you still got the same number? If not PM / Text me your number. I went out yesterday with my son and his friend and it was butter all day. We were the only boat out there... My regular crew has been MIA lately and it's hard to find peeps to ride with during the week. Anyway man I'm all about riding as much as possible so you'll be hearing from me.. laters.


dellagucci 04-23-2011 9:27 AM

Yeah same number!

gwperry2 05-06-2011 9:09 PM

hey I am going to start having fridays off if you need a third I live right on the lake and need to get some riding in. I am down to throw in for gas.

t0nyv831 05-06-2011 10:40 PM

Gary, I typically don't get out on Fridays since I work. Mon Tues and every other Wed I'm off so that's when I'm usually out there. You feel like riding any of those days, hit me up!!..

gwperry2 05-07-2011 3:43 PM

I work @ 2 pm on tuesday - thursday what time do you normally head out to the lake?

t0nyv831 05-07-2011 5:58 PM

Usually meet up @830 and ride till wind picks up. If u have to cut early, thats coo too long as I have enough heads to continue to ride / help with boat duties. Riding this Wed if ur interested..

gwperry2 05-07-2011 6:41 PM

You meet at the boat launch or at the gas station? I will put your number in my phone and hit you up if I can make it.

t0nyv831 05-07-2011 7:53 PM

Boat Launch.. sounds good.

dellagucci 05-09-2011 12:11 AM

Need more heads on wednesday I am down! Snapped my board on Friday hopefully getting that sorted soon.

t0nyv831 05-09-2011 4:37 PM

@Stephen..yeah man..I got 3 confirmed so far but there's room for 1 more in case someone drops out last minute. Usually don't like to ride with more than 4. Let me know. Meet at 830.


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