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pesos 04-08-2011 9:06 AM

"activist" court overrules the people (idiot jurors)

psudy 04-08-2011 9:45 AM


brettw 04-08-2011 10:23 AM

Yep, sounds like a good call to me. She ran from the cops - endangering everyone else on the road. As soon as she tried just once to ram a cop car, I'd say shooting her was justified - whether the car was still moving or not. What are the cops supposed to do - give her a 4th chance to ram them? I'm not sure what the jury was told to convince them otherwise but don't really care. She really earned getting shot.

I really have very little sympathy for folks who run from cops and then get pepper sprayed, tazed, shot, etc. Cop says stop - do it. You didn't - you got what was coming to you in most cases.

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