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jfisher03 03-30-2011 2:04 PM

charging batteries with generator
I recently bought a honda 2000i generator and was wondering if anyone has ever used one of these to keep their batteries charged while running their stereo? My plan in theory is when I pull my boat up to shore, set the generator off the boat and run an extension cord to a battery charger and let it charge the batteries. The generator is super quiet so i dont see it interfering with the music but im not sure what I would need to set the charger at for it to keep up with what my amp is pulling, or if it even would keep up. ive seen a picture on here of a couple guys using the same generator for the same purpose, but i just want to make sure i got all my bases covered before i go out and try this and find out it just wont work or if im missing something. thanks for the help!

Jeff 03-30-2011 2:30 PM

I think that generator will do the job fine. We have several at work and use them to power computers through UPS battery backups and they can keep up with 3+ full desktop computers.

The charger would depend on your power setup. I have the smallest battery tender and it can keep up with my "200 watt" amp and the factory receiver.

cadunkle 03-30-2011 4:18 PM

Seems overly complex to me. Why not just run 2-3 batteries with an isolator and start the boat every now and again?

alindquist 03-30-2011 4:29 PM

We run one every now and again and it works great, was able to run my system for 8+ hours at a party last year with out missing a beat and was still able to start the boat at the end of the day... Not sure what model it is but I know it's a small Honda.

hatepain 03-30-2011 5:18 PM

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I believe this is Hyperlites boat (I snagged this pic fron G's Bump Party pics):

chris4x4gill2 03-31-2011 11:30 AM


Originally Posted by cadunkle (Post 1669356)
Seems overly complex to me. Why not just run 2-3 batteries with an isolator and start the boat every now and again?

This is what i was thinking, would it not be easier to run the boat motor for 10 minutes every couple of hours?

tims72 03-31-2011 12:13 PM

starting the boat every 10 min wont work. running the generator works great. i put in a progessive dynamics converter in the boat next to the four batteries. run it all day while the stereo is playing and all night to top them off for the next day.

acurtis_ttu 04-01-2011 8:36 AM

I've done this before...seemed to work ok ( boat started at the end of a 10 hour day, lol) , I used a charger that only put out 15 amps.....I know the stero was pulling way more than that. FYI...it's a very ineffecient setup.

chris4x4gill2 04-01-2011 11:39 AM

your batteries only last 10 minutes with the stereo on? guess i'm way outclassed o nthat front then, Granted I have a mild stereo but on only 1 battery I can play it most of the day with no worries.

factorykitted 04-01-2011 3:13 PM

I think the correct way to do this is a power supply and not a traditional on board battery charger

MattSherman55 06-01-2012 7:07 PM

What size converter did you use??

pprior 06-01-2012 9:07 PM

Umm, keep in mind that you are talking about running 120V current from a generator through an extension cord over the water and into your boat? Safety wise, that sounds like a potential disaster, especially if partying and drinking is involved. Big difference between the 12V on your boat and a generator, especially if you're spanning water. I think a far better choice would be to upgrade to larger capacity batteries and make sure they are fully charged at the end of the day/overnight with a larger alternator on your boat as a good option as well.

Maybe I'm off on this, I defer to those of you with far larger and more complex audio systems than me, but water, alcohol and 120V current just doesn't seem like a good mix to me.

mendo247 06-02-2012 9:51 PM

I keep a generator on the boat to power the onboard charger after a day of beating up the batteries. I throw it in the bow and let it run till it runs out of gas. Once we even fired it up during the day so my buddies son could play his game boy lol

06-03-2012 6:46 AM

The generator has a built in battery charger but I've also seen people plug a xantrex charger into the 120 outlet on the generator - supposedly the xantrex is more efficient.

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