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wotan 03-25-2011 9:41 AM

Tower Can Questions
Picked up the Kicker 6500.2 HLCDs w/ the additional 6500 midbass drivers. Now I need to find cans that are suitable. I had a few questions for anyone that has experience (or done research) on building a DIY tower setup --

1) It looks like the most economical cans are all raw aluminum. My boat lives outside. I'm not worried about trailering but will raw aluminum hold up without constant maintenance or would I have to take those cans and get them clear anodized?

2) Binding posts vs. wire through the clamps. Anyone have any opinions? Obviously wiring through the clamps looks the cleanest, but I'm not sure how hard it's going to be to feed 6 sets of wire through?

3) I think I've checked with almost every tower and/or tower speaker manufacturer out there. So far the only ones I've found that sell unloaded cans are DIYWake, BulletLines, H2OPro Accessories (which don't fit the Kickers), and Menace Watersports. Right now I'm leaning towards the Menace but those are the most expensive ones and I'm going to have to open the wallet a little wider to get them. Anyone know any other sources??

wakenymph 03-25-2011 10:47 AM

Menace (actually its Star One but thats ok)is the direction i would go. The make such a good product.

wotan 03-25-2011 12:10 PM

Michelle -- Thanks for your response, but I'm looking for something just a tad more unbiased than your opinion. I'll let you know if I do decide to go with the Star Ones and you can box some up and ship them out to me. ;)

wakenymph 03-25-2011 12:17 PM

Cant blame me for trying :p

wakebrdr94 03-25-2011 1:37 PM

I would go with menace. They make some solid products. I know everyone wants the best price, but from my expierennce, just spend the extra now and be happy vs. Wanting a new set in a year and shelling out more money to replace. How many times have all of us said "man, I wish I would have done that the first time" I said it way too many times before I learned my lesson.

wotan 03-28-2011 1:19 PM

By the way -- vminnovations.com has the Kicker HLCDs for $230. I assume it's a pricing error (nobody else seems to discount them) but I called and asked them if it was accurate and they said it was. I was able to pick up the 6500.2 and the 6500 (extra mid-bass drivers) for a total of $350 shipped brand new in box with a 2-year warranty. Crazy good deal.

I'm still leaning towards the Menace cans but need to wait until the boat gets out of storage before I can move forward. If anyone else has anything to contribute to my questions, thoughts/opinions are appreciated.

wakenymph 03-28-2011 2:40 PM

Just an update, we are on the final count down of alpha 1 cans.... a new speaker design is in the works. so get your alpha 1 cans while you still can!!!!!

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