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kgarr1986 03-24-2011 5:26 PM

Prop for Crownline
I just bought a 99 crownline br202 with a 5.0 L engine. It currently has a 3 plade prop that I think is a 19 pitch. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with what type of prop works good with this boat for towing and getting out of the hole well? Not to concerned about top speed.


RedRum 03-25-2011 8:13 AM

I used to own a Crownline BR 182 with the 4.3 V6. Granted they are different boats with different engines. It had an aluminum 19P on it when I got it, which wasn't very good about pulling riders out of the water and I would lose power when turning around pulling a rider. I switched it out with a 17P Stainless prop. It was a night and day difference. I did lose some top end speed, but it was worth it in my opinion.

brucemac 03-25-2011 10:04 AM

look into the mercury high 5 (or high five) can't remember. it's a five blade stainless. pretty spendy, but worth it. killer hole shot, and a strong steady pull.

brucemac 03-25-2011 10:06 AM

here you go:

gregtay 03-25-2011 10:13 AM

Ask the guys over at crownieHQ.com.. i am sure someone has some experiance with your exact setup.

wakebrdjay 03-25-2011 10:24 AM

The High Five is what you want.I had one on my I/O,just as Bruce says great hole shot.

wakebrdjay 03-25-2011 10:28 AM

Oh and you don't loose much top speed,I would still get 60mph in my little 19'9" Nova Spyder

mattscraft 03-25-2011 4:02 PM

Anyone with an I/O should have this prop. I had it on my Cobalt 200 and it was fantastic. Great hole shot with no comprimise on top end, Expensive but well worth it and you get better fuel economy to boot! Wish they made one for an inboard!!!


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