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barry 03-24-2011 12:10 AM

Anyone have any experience with this tripod? Considering one and wanted to run it past the experts at WW.


skull 03-24-2011 7:20 AM

I use GK2580TQR and a 3541 XLS (w/ a Wimberley WH200) and Gitzo is awesome stuff. The G-Lock is the bomb. I can't comment on that model but read the reviews on B&H. I usually start there and B&H has fantastic service.

What ball head? I'd go RRS myself. I don't own one but have used them and it is amazing stuff also. There L-Brackets for also fantastic but pricey.

richd 03-24-2011 8:55 AM

Benro - chinese gitzo knock offs - as good or better at half the price. You can get them from B&H as well.

wakedad33 03-24-2011 6:12 PM

Plus 1 on the Benro, Rich turned me on to them when I was looking for a good tripod, I now own 2 of them, excellent quality and price.

barry 03-24-2011 8:54 PM

Thanks for the replies.
I contacted Benro to find out which tripod had an articulating center column and the rep told me the Flexpod is the only one and they no longer make it in carbon fiber. He gave me the model number to see if I could find one since they just discontinued them recently. No luck!
I ended up going with a 190cxPro.. while it doesn't have an adjustable angle center, my ball head can take care of that..

Whist I was there they had a pistol grip made by Vanguard called the GH 100, talk about versatile!
I goofed with one for a bit and it seemed very nicely made and a bit over 100.00. Never heard of Vanguard.. anyone have any experience with them?


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