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mcmillanman5 03-22-2011 3:28 PM

What kind of led's are these?

I am doing an led project for my boat and am wanting to pick up some of the led's that are similar to the ones seen in this thread:

I have used the heck out of the search function, problem is I can't seem to find out what they are. I am interested in the small rectangular shaped ones. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


grant_west 03-22-2011 3:42 PM

Thoes are Traditional step light LED's with 5 light's I suspect the cammera lightiing is giving a effect thats not true to life. Most likey you will see a some what solid glow comming from the lights and not 5 individual beams as they appear in the picture.

Just a quick search broght up this
I havent bought anything from this company I know nothing about them

mcmillanman5 03-22-2011 3:45 PM

Thanks Grant!
I have looked at a bunch of your pics during my search and your setup looks pretty sweet. I am actually going to be going with a couple of shadow casters as well. Your light bar is unreal!

grant_west 03-22-2011 3:56 PM

Cool, Yea you will be real happy with underwater lighting. IMO the more the better.
Here is a video of my lights attracting some fish to surface. The video dosen't do it justice. the water was so thick with fish. It was a huge BALL of fish like 4 or 5 feet deep. Sorry about the back ground music in advance had to cover up the audio of everyone talking LOL

bcrider 03-22-2011 4:12 PM




Only have purchased from the top one. I know many on here have purchased from Oznium though.

mcmillanman5 03-22-2011 9:03 PM

Excellent video Grant, and thanks for the links Dave.

I will post pics of the project up when it is completed.

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