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brycejb328 03-20-2011 7:42 PM

audio out from droid.. direct to eq? or through head unit?
Hey Guys... I am currently working on totally re-doing my stereo system in my boat. It was a mess to say the least...

My first year with the boat I normally always streamed from pandora via phone or played from the phones music files (cant remember the last time i burned or purchased a CD) and I was doing this via the droids 3.5mm output going directly into the auxilary input on my clarion EQ.

So is there any advantage of having the head unit (besides radio and cd, which i seldom used)??

Am i really losing much signal by going directly to the EQ from the droids 3.5mm audio out? versus going from head units auxilary input, then going to the EQ??

is there a way to get a better signal output from the droid?? like the mini USB, tried to google this with little luck....

jeff_mn 03-20-2011 8:21 PM

My advice is to re-install the head unit and burn one single MP3 with 130+ Ke$ha songs and forget all of the ipod/droid/phone/eq confusion that is bound to come with your revamp.

gwnkids 03-21-2011 9:30 AM

If you are redoing it go BT

I just did the same thing and put in the Sony mex bt 5700 and love it. No cable instant pairing and anyone in the boat or on shore at the cove can control it plus the volume.

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