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wakeboardin2k4 03-19-2011 8:39 AM

axis tower folded down
Hey Guys,

Just spent the last half hour looking for a picture of an A20 or A22 with the tower down. Curious to see how high it sticks up.

If anyone has a picture or link to one with the tower down post it up.


cjh1669 03-19-2011 8:44 AM

Haven't seen the axis tower down, but I can tell you it sits pretty high on the trailer

elc 03-19-2011 8:49 AM

I saw this yesterday in another forum - http://axiswakeboats.com/download/fi...ad008b5554cae0.

wakeboardin2k4 03-19-2011 9:13 AM

Thanks ED and Chris. I am not concerned about getting one into a garage, so how high it sits on a trailer isn't what im worried about. I am more concerned about getting one under a bridge on the lake. I saw on the website that there is an option for quick collapse knobs which is cool.

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