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wakemitch 03-18-2011 2:14 PM

Supreme West Coast Wakesurf Open
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The weekend of May 20th marks the start of the 2011 wakesurf season as the Supreme West Coast Wakesurf Open kicks things off with the largest event of the year.

The Supreme West Coast Wakesurf Open is the only event of its kind featuring Pro and Amateur competitions, pro clinics, and the largest selection of wakesurf boards for sale and demo.

Riders from around the world will be competing for substantial cash prizes as well as the first win of the year. The world’s best wakesurfers will be battling for the first place prize of $1,000 in each of the Open classes. Wake9 with their commitment to amateur wakesurfing is sponsoring the Amateur Divisions giving the up and coming rippers a chance to win up to $500 in each division.
There will also be a Novice class for all of those who have never competed but want to test their skills. Back for its second year, the Tandem competition which was a fan favorite will showcase the creativity and fun of wakesurfing.
Register at wake9.com for the chance to be part of one of the most fun competitions of the year.

The Supreme West Coast Wakesurf Open is giving wakesurfers the chance to improve their skills at the pro clinic. Register at wake9.com for the opportunity to ride behind a Supreme V226, wakesurfing’s best wake, with instruction from James Walker and Chase Hazen, two of the world’s best wakesurfers, as they take your riding to the next level.
Spots are extremely limited so sign up now!

With the success of the 2010 Polar Bear demo event, California Marine Sports will be hosting the most extensive demo event wakesurfing has ever seen. Bring your boat and get the chance to demo boards from brands including Inland Surfer, Shred Stixx, The Walker Project, Calibrated Wakesurfing, Phase 5, Soulcraft Boarding, and more! California Marine Sports is also bringing the largest wakesurf shop right to the event with the widest selection of wakesurfing’s top brands of boards, ballast bags, vests, and more all for the lowest prices you can possibly find.

www.wake9.com/open for more info
Event Information http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/e...03919089634816

KyleCMS 03-22-2011 10:00 AM

This is going to be a great event. I can't wait!

wakemitch 03-31-2011 9:36 PM

Registration is now open!

Click here for Competition Registration

Click here for Clinic Registration

Clinic Registration is very limited so sign up now!
Only $65 for 30 minutes of ride time with instruction from James Walker, Chase Hazen, Bri Chmel, or Sean Cummings behind a 2011 Supreme V226.

wakemitch 04-12-2011 9:00 PM

Clinic registration is now full.

Registration for the competition is still open. Register today at www.wake9.com/open

Riteride 04-23-2011 3:46 PM

Be there or be square... bunch of us Star one / Menace guys and girls will be out too... gonna be a great event... THANKS SUPREME

tonyv420 04-25-2011 1:37 PM

can you camp at the Lake??

wakemitch 04-25-2011 2:14 PM

you can camp right on shore. The shore is pretty mellow too which is nice.
camp far west charges $20 a night

tonyv420 05-04-2011 2:14 PM

Do you need to make reservations for camping? Or is it wide open type?

wakemitch 05-07-2011 9:47 AM

Camping is wide open. There are no spots since the event is in the overflow. You just pick the best spot and make camp. It's nice being so close to shore and with everyone else

tonyv420 05-07-2011 11:40 PM

Nice, thats how I like it. Close to the action.

wakemitch 05-13-2011 12:04 PM

Only one week away!!!!!!!

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