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shredsthegnar 03-13-2011 6:57 PM

Byerly heritage 42
Hey guys i recently bought a byerly heritage the 42 because i couldnt stand the graphic on the 40 i weigh about 135 do you think that two inches will make a huge difference, or will the 42 be fine for me? Im gonna be riding everything from cable, boat, jet ski.

wakemitch 03-14-2011 12:25 AM

Thats definitely a big skate. Im 150 and ride a 38. 40 feels too big for me. I used to ride a 42 but when i went to a smaller deck i just felt like i had way more control.

electricsnow 03-14-2011 3:18 PM

you kind of need to ride it and see. I'm 5'3 and I ride between a 41 and a 42. while I notice that the 42 is longer, I don't feel like it holds me back. if you're new to wakeskating I think length is something you'll figure out more as you become more experienced. but as far as wakeskates go, 42 inches is considered to be on the longer side.

pierem 03-29-2011 9:28 AM


I'm also looking for a skate. I found a really good deal on a catalyst 2.0 107 from 2008. I'm 175 lbs do you think it will be alright for me or to small? Also is it a good skate ?

thank you


daveronix199 04-01-2011 8:18 AM

Yeah dude the 2.0 is a great skate for all sizes

bmr850 05-06-2011 7:55 AM

board length is all personal preference. everyone has their own theory when your a beginner but just like wakeboarding its whatever you feel fits you best

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