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wakedad33 03-13-2011 12:45 PM

Macro 1st attempt.
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Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

I got a 100mm Marco a few months back but never played with it much. It was a boreing overcast day today so I broke it out. Shooting macro is deffinitely different. CC welcome.

skull 03-13-2011 6:10 PM

I love shooting macro. This is a cool shot Randy, I like it. Tripod or handheld? I use a flash now about 95% of the time for macro work. I really like having complete control over the background and not having to use a tripod.

wakedad33 03-15-2011 5:27 PM

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Thanks Rob, it looks much better on my monitor, lost a lot of color when I posted it here:confused: I used a flash and tripod, for prospective the pepper is about the size of the tip of my pinky finger. Kind of fun to play around with on a rainy day.

Marco shooters take this s#!t seriously!!

dakid 03-15-2011 6:06 PM

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this one looks like the DIY macro set-up that i was going to try...but then i got lazy.

richd 03-15-2011 8:05 PM

Ha, all 3 tubes and a reversed 50mm - the combinations seem endless! What is that rubber ring on the first tube? Do those things focus now?

A good flash definitely helps with the shutter speed as well as stopping down since DOF becomes almost non existent.

skull 03-16-2011 7:30 AM

I use a ring flash for macro and I love it. I use the Sigma because the Canon won't fit on most of the pro 77mm lenses and the Sigma will... I would like to use an additional flash sometimes but can't figure out how to fire flash #2. I have tried using Elinchrom El skyports but those won't fire the Sigma for some reason. I guess I need to try to slave the Canon 430 EXII so it fires on the flash of the ring flash. I don't use a tripod anymore. I use 1/64th power on the Sigma and keep my shutter speed fast enough to not need it IMO. I prefer the 1D4 over a 5D Mark II for macro too. I can trust the AF on the 1D4 whereas the 5D's AF is always questionable.

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