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durty_curt 03-10-2011 10:06 PM

08 Xstar weighting
My friend has an Xstar and we've been thinking of sacking it out with what equipment we have. The boat currently has the kgb ballast installed. My question the board is with the fat surf sacks in each rear locker(750 each= 1500) and the fat sac bow triangle(1000+) will that be an equal weight distribution for a Xstar??

jmuthafnp 03-11-2011 5:27 AM

550 in each rear locker. 300 under each front seat. A little lead in the middle to even it out when you got people in the boat. Hit em with it!

spencerwm 03-12-2011 8:46 AM

That would work although you probably wont fill that open bow sac all the way. Can't wait to see that wake.

durty_curt 03-13-2011 10:07 PM

sorry we didnt get the chance to sack the Xstar out. we had 6 riders on the boat and no room for the bow sac. will take pics when we do it though. is a full 1000lbs bow sack really too much front weight? i know when we sack out our friends VLX (on top of MLS) we throw 400lbs in each rear locker and we fill that same bow sack up around 5/8. and that wake becomes a beast

wake77 03-14-2011 6:18 AM

Xstars like more rear weight, but we usually have around 500 in the bow.

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