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imondi 03-04-2011 6:00 PM

Salt Lake City
I am tryin to get a list of people who wanna do some early season riding. A couple spots thawed out this week and I am ready to go. I have a spotty work schedule and will be available some weekdays, and most weekends.

downfortheride 03-06-2011 1:11 PM

Victor ~~ Let's not to forget to post you have a Sanger all ballast up. :D Also us Utah peeps try and keep up to date from time to time on the Northern Utah thread. Try posting over that way to see if you get anybody that's down.
I know we got a solid 3 for a winter crew so I will hit you up when we try and get out. Plan on about every Sunday if the weather will hold.

imondi 03-06-2011 8:52 PM

Josh-Sounds good man! I will post over there. We will be getting some good Sunday sessions soon...I am dying right now! I cant spend another night sitting in my boat drinking beer in the garage!

downfortheride 03-07-2011 11:00 AM

LOL... Garage beers.

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