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baitkiller 02-24-2011 9:00 AM

Help me club my wife
Have you seen the hybrid irons?

The wifey is getting dragged to the course by her husband and children these days. She has a half set of old pre-me Northwestern irons that she cannot hit to save her life. last week I clubbed her out of my bag and she did great. Her clubs are crap and they have to go. She needs something super forgiving and for a slow swing. (no follow through) I am not brave enough to giver instruction but I would like to get her some decent clubs.
I was looking at the Lady Fairway hybrid sets and they look like they may be the best bet for the buck. Her swing and enthusiasm plus my wallet do not merit custom fitting and high dollar weapons.
What do your girls hit? Have you tried this type of thing in mens? Not for me, I still carry a 2 iron.


acurtis_ttu 02-24-2011 9:48 AM

I grew up playing wit blades, lol......I played collegiant golf, still play down to about a 2-3 handicap...quit playing for abtou 6 years after college; I still carry a 2 iron as well. and still play my blades. I hit a a hybrid iron fo rthe first time about 2 months ago....I'm a believer. It amazes me how much technology helps. After hitting the hybrid club , I started looking into buying a new set.

polarbill 02-24-2011 10:30 AM

Awesome title for the thread. You better be careful or you might be getting a call from a domestic violence agent. I have no help to offer you on the golf club question. I am however consistantly inconsistent on the golf course no matter what clubs I am using.

flackpack 02-24-2011 12:29 PM

Both of my daughters are playing competitively in High school and on the junior circuit. I had them begin with kids clubs, and when they outgrew them, their swing coach suggested hybrid iron sets. I put them on the Callaway women's set the Solaire. They quickly changed to the Cleveland HB set. It is much more suited to the Women's game. My wife has their set now, and is picking up the swing fairly quickly compared to hacking around with regularly discarded irons.

Both Girls have now moved on to cavity backed irons from Nike's development program, and are hitting them well.

wake77 02-24-2011 5:17 PM

Ebay. Find a used set that is a couple of years old. Much better than buying a 200.00 new, off-brand set.

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