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njskier 02-20-2011 8:17 AM

Cable park on Long Island NY
It looks like there is a cable park being developed in Calverton, NY on Long Island.
There is mention of this in the latest issue of Waterski magazine, page 62.
Eric Scott, owner of Island Water Sports is developing the project which he hopes will have it's grand opening late summer of this year!

This will be great for the northeast......we are in need of a cable park!

apf 02-20-2011 8:23 AM

I would really like to see that!

nuckledragger 02-20-2011 8:55 AM

Is it on a saltwater inlet? Or a freshwater lake?

captain_vilfo 02-20-2011 11:29 AM

full size or two tower?

paulharenberg 02-20-2011 1:48 PM

Calverton? Thats too far away bring it to Jersey.


This is good for the north east. I'm curious to see what the prices will have to be set at. Cost of Living is not cheap, i.e. land is expensive.

I'm excited to see this project develop nonetheless.

lazypiper 02-20-2011 2:06 PM

If this is true the Calverton area is pretty deserted. There is a huge military cemetery and Grumman that's about it. Every time I go to a funeral out there (both of my Grandparents are there) I see crazy planes flying around being tested. So a piece of land might not cost so much. It also is about as far out as you can get on the Island it's at the end of the Long Island Expressway. It would be fresh water in that area .


njskier 02-20-2011 4:18 PM

The article says it "will feature an aqua-blue man-made cable lake and even an indoor skydiving facility". Maybe it will be somewhere near that airpark on your map lazypiper?

The concept is a great idea, too bad it's not a very convenient area to travel to with L.I.E. traffic in the summer. :D

apf 02-20-2011 4:33 PM

I would love to have a cable in LI...just the weather seems like it wouldnt be a great year round business, but I would really like to see this happen...espicially when I come home in the summer to visit the family I can go ride cable!

paulharenberg 02-22-2011 8:19 PM

If a legit cable park went in in Calverton I would drive out to it, I'm 60 miles to NYC and then whatever else time it would take to get out that far on the island. I pay 200+ to get down to Orlando to ride OWC in the offseason. I'm lucky that I have friends that have migrated from Jersey to Orlando and I have a place to stay, otherwise I'd have to dish out for car and motel. It'd be a trek but I would go out there to ride the cable. With a group of friends I find the cable more fun than the boat because everyone gets to see everyone rip and everyone eat it all at once. Lets keep this updated on the situation as things go forward.

02-22-2011 8:47 PM

It definitely is pretty deep in LI, but at least its something on the east coast closer to me than ohio. Also the weather conditions seem somewhat similar to what wakenation in ohio is dealing with also, so maybe its doable even though it wouldn't be year round. I just hope all the plans go through and they can pull through, because if they have some success hopefully we will see some more of these pop up in the northeast

kslfsquirt 08-26-2011 10:33 AM

Anyone hear any updates about this?

apf 08-26-2011 7:21 PM

I was up in port jeff about 2 weeks ago, i was meaning to stop in and ask about it but ended up staying on the boat all day. seems like a good idea for the indoor skydiving since the cable wont be open year round, Id really like to see a full size cable on the island or jersey. id love to be able to ride the cable when i go home to visit fam/friends

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