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ironj32 02-14-2011 1:09 PM

looking for a pull in Orlando on 2/25 & 2/26
My girlfriend and I will be in Orlando on February 25 & 26th and would love to find a pull behind a boat. We've got our own XStar, so know how to treat boats and their owners. Definitely will have cash to give ya. Let me know if you can help us out.

clearlakescott 02-19-2011 6:03 PM

you can ride with me. 407-738-7518

njskier 02-20-2011 4:54 PM

I can say that Scott is a great guy to hook-up with for pulls.....he took us out this past november and his riding spot was awesome!
(thanks again Scott!)

For cable McCormicks is well worth the drive for a great day of riding too.

ironj32 02-21-2011 10:28 AM

That'd be awesome if we could get a pull from you, thanks for offering! I'll shoot you a text later in the week.
Thanks again!

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