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buffalow 02-14-2011 8:48 AM

Down goes Fedor!
Did you guys watch Strikeforce fight Saturday. Sure looked like he could go on fighting (see Josh Kos. vs GSP). I think either him or srikeforce called the fight before he got knocked out which was coming. I saw this one coming a mile away. Fedor's style is so predictable and his ground game was always susceptible. He should have taken the pay day with Lesner.

Arlovski - Love this guy, but his chin is more fragile than the Valentine's vase you just gave your girl.

I would retire them both at this point and go down with their carreer's in tack.

Ton's of UFC coming up in the next 45 days. Going to be busy.

buffalow 02-14-2011 8:55 AM

Oh, just saw another post about this over the weekend. Sorry.

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