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epic1 02-13-2011 11:16 AM

the most illest winch ever?
How bout messing with the gear ratios on a winch on say, a f250 diesel with power take off option? Have your boy sit in the cab and drag you across the pond. It could be done, not by me, but that would be sweet. 500lb/ft winching!

benjaminp 02-13-2011 4:27 PM


wakeboardingdad 02-13-2011 5:45 PM

I'm not sure it would be quite like a wakeboard winch. I haven't seen one in person, but isn't the clutching mechanism one of those "soft start" so it gets the rider up to speed? A modded pto would be off/on and with changed ratio, it would be arm ripping.

02-13-2011 5:59 PM

Winches mostly have torque a verters and sometimes a centrifugal clutch. A guy who has posted here made a self running winch with a golf cart

epic1 02-14-2011 9:03 AM

ben, why not?,
and I have no idea how they differ. but It would be sweet. Better start doing shoulder exercises to bulk or those shoulder muscels.

UNvisible 02-14-2011 9:45 AM

that would be mad sick and ILL bro............................................... ..........

cadunkle 02-14-2011 10:42 AM

Well PTO winches are cheap when you can find them. The actual PTO to drive it is not unless you get a great score on a used one that will match up to your transfer case or transmission. Beyond that you'd have to make a driveshaft to power the winch. Alternatively you could do a hydraulic winch (more $$$) with a hydraulic pump on the PTO ($$$). Either way a hydraulic setup probably wouldn't cut it for high speed winching.

Granted a PTO winch would give you what? 10 gears? 12 maybe since I believe the new trucks use the ZF6 trans? Either way to pull a wakeboarder you're only going to use 1 gear... Whichever one gets you at the right speed at an acceptable RPM (a high idle would probably be sufficient to pull a wakeboarder smoothly at speed).

As for a smooth start, just be real easy letting the clutch out. Would take a driver with some finesse to not yank your arms out starting in a high gear as it won't take much to accelerate to speed, and starting in a lower gear and shifting would be kinda rough on the rider. So yeah, neat idea but I don't think it's really practical.

benjaminp 02-14-2011 11:48 AM

Because thats insane overkill. Like the other guys are saying, it would go all wookie on you and rip your arms off. It would burn more fuel than a conventional winch. You dont need that much power, and its just a bit of a waste to have it. Its not going to perform better than any winch that is currently used, so why bother with the extra expense/hospital bills.

epic1 02-14-2011 1:09 PM

You do need that much power. We have estiblished on here time and again, no matter what you tow, you better have a diesel. Or else tim tebow is gonna roundhouse kick your head off.

benjaminp 02-14-2011 1:40 PM

I no longer have any idea what you're talking about.

epic1 02-14-2011 2:02 PM

you do not know abot timmy tebows killer roundhouse? It can kill aids.

denverd1 02-18-2011 1:52 PM

can I have my 2 minutes back?

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