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mc_x15 02-08-2011 5:58 AM

Ebay Stores Advice
I was just put in charge of setting up and managing an ebay store for my company. We are a 45 year old industrial electrical company that until now has been pretty old school.All the basics are pretty simple and straight foward so I guess what im looking for is any money saving tricks, or popular and effective ways of marketing the store. Also ways to make items pop up more on searches. And maybe some programs to help track views or help update the page or possibly supply great backround layouts. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


dizzlestoy 02-08-2011 7:15 AM

I use www.volusion.com
It is really easy for my business. I got the idea from bullet lines. Pretty cheap as well. Reports and all that are designed into the site as well.. You can even add a chat for free like whats on my frontpage.

www.laundryparts4u.com (my website)

mc_x15 02-08-2011 8:30 AM

Interesting. See we already have an established website that is more of a burden than a money maker. So we are going to try the Ebay store route. Looks like the above is for websites. Thanks for the advice though, much appreciated

dizzlestoy 02-08-2011 12:39 PM

Well thats just it though. A website written by some guy is your problem. You need an e-commerce website so Google finds the product. Volusion does all that for you. You type in what it is, part #, and all these become a keyword on Google overtime. I get 90-95% of my customer from Google alone. Just sayin. Ebay takes a cut of everything you sell. Paypal takes a cut of everything you sell..

Just sayin

mc_x15 02-08-2011 1:41 PM

Yeah, our website has that, but unfortunately its not my job to update the site. In my industry we have over 100,000+ part numbers and updating it is a huge task. It can be done but prices change every 2 months and in the end we made our money back and some but wanst worth the time to keep it updated. Or so im told???. The ebay store idea is to take our "core" products, items we make over 50% on and push those hard and in bulk. I know the fees and what not can be killer but with the huge margins it would make a huge difference.

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