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mattgettel 02-04-2011 6:11 AM

Oil light on dash coming on
I have a 1990 Supra Sunsport. I have had no trouble out of this boat yet and have owned it for about 2 years now. I took it out one last time in the fall and the oil light came on. I immediately turned the boat off and checked my oil. The oil is at the right amount. I then took the boat back to the dock. As soon as I come above idle it quits making the noise. The boat has about 350 hours on it. I know there are several things it could be but I am just wondering if anyone has ran into this before and found a solution. Thanks guys.

boarditup 02-04-2011 6:20 AM

Oil Pressure! I had an engine seize due to an oil pressure drop. The tube between the oil pump and the block failed. Have it checked by a professional right away.

mattgettel 02-04-2011 6:23 AM

Copy that. Where I work we rebuild large diesel engines. I know the importance of oil pressure, believe me. I plan on taking it to a guy I know that does excellent work. I was just wondering if anyone knew of a bad sensor or something on this year/model that gave people problems. I appreciate the input Karl!

rallyart 02-04-2011 9:05 AM

Bad sensors can happen on anything. Check with a mechanical, of course, and then either replace the sensor or repair the engine. I nearly died of a heart attach when the oil light came on in a Ferrari I was driving on a hard corner. Instant shut down - but it turned out to be an aged connector that would flicker with engine movement.

cadunkle 02-04-2011 2:32 PM

Could be a bad sensor. This spring I need to check/ my sender and wiring. My '89 Saltare the oil light comes on sometimes after being on the water for a while. The gauge in dash says all is good, no lifter/rocker clatter or noise form the engine, quiet and smooth. I haven't worried about it since my regular gauge says all is well, oil spotless, and no noise. Anyone knnow the resistance of these senders at various psi?

So yeah, check your oil psi with a mechanical gauge. general rule of thumb is 20 psi at idle and 10 psi for every 1000 RPM (so 3000 RPM = min of 30 psi). Probably in your case the bearings are getting worn and pressure is dropping low at idle, a few hundred more RPM and pressure comes up. Likely time for a freshening up but check it first.

mattgettel 02-07-2011 5:07 AM

You think my bearings are worn from 350 hours? I really don't think that is the case but it could be. The mechanical gauge says all is well.

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