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grant_west 02-03-2011 2:03 PM

I have been toying with the Idea of building my Own Ipod Boom box, I have been intrested in the looks and the style of the older Boom Box's. I love how huge and crazy they were. I found this video on youtube about the Histroy of Boom Box's kind of funny what some people collect

Just think what you could build with all the current list of High powerd compact amp's and AGM/Lipo Batterys.HCLD speakers and thin line Light weight sub woffers in a fiberglass box with some cool led's.

You could build one bad motha trucka!

fly135 02-03-2011 2:25 PM

They had these guys at Sams CLub for $100 around xmas...


If you are going for customizing then you could use the guts and build your own box.

barry 02-03-2011 6:04 PM

Grant.. do it! I would love to see you build something like this. That was my generation and still crack-up at the things we did/thought were cool. Awesome video.:D

baitkiller 02-04-2011 1:08 PM

I remember my first time.........................

bendow 02-04-2011 3:11 PM

Grant, I'm sure you'd do a great job at building this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ps3z...eature=related

PS. Have you put any more thought into that battery longevity test?

grant_west 02-04-2011 4:18 PM

John: Thanks for the Link, I just orded one of the ION Block Rocker's $100 you cant go wrong. Ill let you all know how it sounds when it gets here next week.

If it sounds like crap It might get gutted and become a foundation for a crazy Boom Box. I have a 10W7 laying around and few old amps and a beefey power supply LOL

02-05-2011 5:24 AM


grant_west 02-05-2011 8:47 AM

Yea I have seen that. That Lasonic is pretty cool but for some reason it reminds me of a Cheep amp with lots of bling on it and they spent more time on flash then Sound or Build Quality. I guess kind of like the Orignal LOL.

I still think there is a Un tapped market for a portable High Quality Boom Box Ipod style.

I remember seeing a guy at the beach who had a Roll around Beat box for a Ipod that had a battery and came in it own protectieve travel case that had wheels on it and had a pretty large battery that the guy said would play for hrs. I never saw one like it again and I forgot the name of it

fly135 02-05-2011 10:14 AM


Originally Posted by bigdtx (Post 1658572)

That looks like the exact same boom box that was on Pawn Stars. I think Chumly gave the guy around $80.

grant_west 02-09-2011 1:44 PM

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I got it yesterday

fly135 02-09-2011 1:47 PM

When I saw that at Sams I thought it would make a good "backyard party" guitar amp combined with a battery power multifx and using an iPod for backing tracks, and a mic for vocals. Must have a pretty decent battery if it works as claimed.

grant_west 02-09-2011 1:52 PM

I got the referbished unit $99. Came to my house for $115. Its pretty cool. Sounds real clean. Volume is good. bass is just a bit week. I bet they have it turned down pretty low so the battery plays for the 12hrs advertised. It will link multiable units together. It has a volume control for each of the 3 imputs.
For $100 its a real solid unit. Im happy with with it.

grant_west 02-09-2011 1:53 PM

Another thing is the Boom Box can charge a I phone under battery power

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