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02-01-2011 11:26 AM

Looking to put my talents to good use in Daytona
I will be moving to the Daytona Area to attend Wyotech's Marine Technology/Advanced Marine Program starting May 2nd and will be looking for a full/part time position in the Marine/Wake industry. I will be available after 1:15pm M-F and all weekend as I will be attending school full time.
I have a good base of knowledge and experience in inboards,audio/video,wake products. I am: punctual,reliable,honest,outgoing, and very hands on. I also have an array of computer skills. Would be interested in any position available in the area, my present employment is union concrete and have been in construction for the past 7 years so I am no stranger to hard work or a faced paced environment where quality and efficiency is key, prior to that I was a Certified Technician for Motorola and Managed a Nextel Service Center. Liked the position, not mobile phones. Any consideration or information would be greatly appreciated and a formal resume' and excellent work references available on request. Please contact me via PM Thank You

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