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Michael 02-01-2011 9:21 AM

Spine has been hurting me
So a month ago i was flipping on my snowboard (nothing really big), i was about 8 feet up and i had that 1 in a million were the rotation wouldnt happen and i landed on my shoulders.but not arched backwards, more in the tucked position. 3 days after or so my middle back on my spine started hurting me. its only when i bend backwards and its in the same place. It doesnt hurt when i bend forward orwalk around for that matter. Now its not the kind of a pain were you break something... Any ideas?? Im just concerned because wakeboard season is coming and i am just a big fan of flips.

02-01-2011 10:09 AM

See a doctor! There could be all sorts of things wrong with you from a pulled muscle all the way up to a crack vertebrae. Don't be stupid.

Michael 02-01-2011 10:32 AM

Thanks Sam for telling me how you really feel, i always liked people that are blunt and honest. I'll be making an appointment today.

02-01-2011 11:08 AM

Yup, that's my MO.

bendow 02-01-2011 11:15 AM

What kind of pain is it? Is it a sharp pain that radiates down one of your legs? If so you may have a slipped disc.

I slipped one disc and tore a second in a motocross injury over a year ago. Had the max of 3 spine injections, and now my life has been hell ever since.

jarrod 02-01-2011 11:28 AM

Ouch. If it's on the spine you have probably slipped or herniated a disc. Some people have disc problems for life once one gets messed up, and some people will be lucky enough to get over it. I still have a crushed vertebrae in my neck. Luckily, it doesn't mess with me very often.

But I would see a doctor. You need xrays to determine the extent of the problem.

buffalow 02-01-2011 11:36 AM

I got a injury last spring and my back has never been the same. Last week bought a back2life and I feel a ton better. Not saying that will fix it, but it is greatly helping me.

Start by Rest & ice 2-3 times per day. Add stretching every day., than SEE A DOCTOR.

Michael 02-01-2011 11:42 AM

The pain does not shoot down my legs or feel as ifi broke anything, its an odd pain, its getting better, slowly. It has the sensation like its brused. But is this possible on your spine and for this long of a period?

Michael 02-01-2011 11:43 AM

its weird because im not in pain at all during the day, only if i were to do a backflip would i get some slight pain.

jarrod 02-01-2011 11:53 AM

You should probably postpone any back flipping until you get an xray. :-)

Like I said, I broke my neck and didn't even know it for weeks. You should have it looked at.

dakid 02-01-2011 11:56 AM

michael, not to be a dick, but it's ridiculous for you to get the right answer for your problem on a message board, as proper diagnosing is impossible over a forum. it doesn't matter if someone experiences the same symptoms. please do yourself a favor; go see a doctor (an m.d.).

wakeboardingdad 02-01-2011 12:02 PM

Michael, you've gotten some good advice and all say the same thing: Go to a physician. Don't mess with a general prac either. Save time and possibly more injury and prolonged agony and go straight to a orthopedic. If you have to get a referral so be it. Back injuries can take weeks to heal - with proper care.

Michael 02-01-2011 12:02 PM


I am going to see a doctor, id rather not have to worrie about this.


No riding for me until i get this checked out, and no flips.lol

Michael 02-01-2011 12:27 PM

Appointment made for thursday. Cross your fingers.

duramat 02-02-2011 3:13 PM

Good luck Buddy, keep us posted

Back injures suck as mentioned from all of the above. Ive noticed a big difference now with dailly stretching after workouts. As long as Im doing my workouts I feel good, but after a couple weeks....its hit and miss.

02-02-2011 3:24 PM

Does your face hurt?

bendow 02-02-2011 8:29 PM


Originally Posted by wakeboardingdad (Post 1657934)
Back injuries can take weeks to heal - with proper care.

Or never....like mine.

Forgive me God for I have sinned, I hit a 3rd gear jump in 4th gear pinned.

Michael 02-03-2011 12:21 PM

ok the results are in... i just bruised the tissue around one of my vertibre. the doc said it is like that if you get severe wiplash. Maybe i should take it easy on the snowboarding for a while? (retorical question)

Thank you guys for getting me to go in. Sign of releif.

lav 02-03-2011 12:36 PM

I did almost exact same thing hung up in between couldnt get board under me or over shoulders.
only had pain when I was hitting fly balls to my son
Could ride , not pain free But was able to ride
Trip to dr. X-rays cracked T-7 T-8 ( compression fracture) herniated disc
MRI two days later
10 days after that was having surgery
Procedure was called Kyphoplasty(sp)
was relesed to full activity in 24 hrs
Surgery was at 8:00 am and I was at sons bball practice same night
at 6:00pm
Dr told me if I let it heal without surgery I would shrink and not to be able to stand up straight

Still have herniated disc , small pain here and there but much better than it was

Let me know if you have any questions about procedure
Takes them like 20 mins start to finish
I was lucky any they read MRI wrong and had extra holes punched
In back and extra time on Table

Just seen you posted results Michael good to hear you will be fine
Plenty of time to heal before summer

buffalow 02-03-2011 1:47 PM

Greg - Check out Back2Life for every day relief. I am a big fan now.

lav 02-03-2011 2:54 PM

Thanks Jason
I will deff check that out

wakeboardingdad 02-03-2011 6:58 PM


Originally Posted by bendow (Post 1658216)
Or never....like mine.

Forgive me God for I have sinned, I hit a 3rd gear jump in 4th gear pinned.

Ouch Ben. I ride, but not like that! I hope your pain is manageable.

I have had my share of back injuries, but never permanent. Until you have it, you can never understand how it effects everything you do or while doing nothing. My co-worker has to continuously change his meds and wears a pain blocker shock thingy about 50% of the time.

Michael 02-15-2011 9:52 AM

I think this is the slowest healing injury ever.

buffalow 02-16-2011 8:33 AM

Yhea it sucks. Mine was great since I got that machine. Than last night played Volleyball and could barely get out of the gym on my own two feet. Warmed up, stretched and wore warm clothes until the 3rd game. Stretched between games, stayed warm and felt great till the end. This sucks! Spent 2 cycles on the machines last night and once this morning so much better, but still pretty tight and sore.

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