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sidekicknicholas 01-29-2011 8:36 PM

Anyone looking for a Manufacturing Engineer?
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On top of resume' blasting I figured I would throw a little plug on here.

I graduate in May with a degree in Manufacturing Engineering (ABET)... if anyone works for/ owns a business that hires industrial/mechanical/manufacturing engineers and is hiring and wouldn't mind a wakeboarding co-worker, here I am!

Thanks to the new website I can post me resume' here... I'm open to almost anything, anywhere. My experience is in a food manufacturing environment, but through school have a ton of hands on work with numerous other processes.

If anyone knows of anything feel free to give me a call or email

Thanks !

01-30-2011 9:30 AM

You have the perfect degree to start an "Business Incubator". Go find an out of work accountant, marketing exec., ext..., an empty office/warehouse, a bunch of other out of work people who want to start a business. Help them figure out how to manufacture their product and with the help of the accountant and marketing expert get their business up and running. Charge a small up front cost and a % of future profits for a period of time or a larger up front fee. There are lots of brilliant people who are out of work and are experts in their industry, they just can't figure out the things that they are not experts in...

wazzy 01-31-2011 9:58 AM

I am not sure whats currently avaliable, but you can try us.... https://placonprodapps.oracleoutsour...p8ovp7FzJ1LuFw..

There is a place to post your resume too....

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