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buffalow 01-27-2011 3:27 PM

Building a MX Track - Little Help
I am sure there are million other forums, but I trust my WW'ers. I want to build an oval track with (4) burns and two table tops for my kids to learn how to ride a bigger track. I have no clue where to start, how to build up the burns or jumps for that matter. We are wanting to train them in the mechanics of hitting those things without a million other mx'ers around. We got the land, the dirt and a bob cat, just no clue where to start. We want to get them racing soon, but wanting to practice alot more before getting out there. I would love the input.

jarrod 01-27-2011 4:20 PM

Cool! Wish I had land to do that.

crypted1 01-28-2011 4:14 AM

I've built a few tracks back in my racing days. First are you building it for bike or quads? And if its just a practice track, what size bike/quad is it for? And I would highly suggest that you put a rythem section in even if its only woops...

guido 01-28-2011 11:20 AM

Siiiick. This is my dream.

WRider 01-28-2011 11:28 AM

Are you going to get a couple truck loads of dirt or just take it from your land?

wakeboardertj 01-28-2011 1:21 PM

I've set up a track on 3 acres in my back yard with only a medium sized kubota tractor. Its on a downward slope so I just dug into some hill at the far corner of my property to get some dirt and set up a few berms, and a couple table tops. Just go for it man, you have the tools and land just experiment a little.

tracktor 01-28-2011 4:40 PM

Built quite a few tracks and currently have a 3/4 mile long outdoor SX track, kids MX track and a BMX jump track in my "backyard". First thing is just to ride around and get a flowing layout without jumps. Since you haven't ever built before it is a good idea to possibly take a tape measure out to a real track and get some ideas about jump sizes. After you get a good layout stake out where you want your jumps to be. You also need to plan how you're going to get dirt for them & deal with drainage. Always try and make take-offs and landings longer than the wheel base of the nikes riding the track. Build everything bigger than you think as jumps shrink over time both as you get used to them and as the dirt compacts. A skid steer works ok for small stuff. You may have an issue getting the dirt broke up enough to use. Any specific questions just ask. I can put up some pics of what I have done also if you're interested....................

tracktor 01-28-2011 4:46 PM

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All I have at work-

blake_hughes 01-29-2011 12:08 AM

I'd suggest no berms. Use cones instead and let your kids learn how to navigate in and out of turns correctly (proper body position, controlled braking and acceleration). Berms allow riders to get lazy on their form, turns without berms do not! Once they master turning without berms, they'll be able to fly through berm'd turns with their eyes closed. Cones also allow you to change the style of turn instantly. You could change a tight turn to a long sweeper in seconds. If you want to move your turn closer to (or further away from) a jump... It could be done before they make another lap. Get my point? The more variety they can practice, the better!

As far as jumps go... I think a couple table tops is a good initial set-up, but (like Scott said) I also think you'll eventually want to incorporate a rhythm section, even if it's as simple as table tops back to back. By doing so, your kids will learn how to control speed and time their jumps during the more technical parts of a track.

Have fun... I wish I were in your shoes!

buffalow 01-31-2011 10:41 AM

Thanx for the input. This is for a few kids on bikes, 50-125. I like the idea of the cones. There is enough extra dirt on site and the ground is pretty flat.

daveronix199 01-31-2011 1:44 PM

Make sure Never to dig DOWN either get someone to bring Fill in or push the dirt over from somewhere else on your property if you start diggin and pushing dirt near your track it will turn in to a MUD pit and hold Water

crypted1 01-31-2011 2:02 PM

Building a track for 50's - 125's is gonna be tough. The tracks that hold races build the tracks for the big bikes and the little guys have to suffer. I can't tell you how many time all the dad's and bigger riders run behind the little guys and push them up the face of the jumps. Not because the bike can't make it, but because it intemidates the kids. If I was going to build this track i would first dig a pond. Use the dirt for some jumps, whoops, ect. Then you can wet the track to keep dust down or simulate a rainy race day. As far a table tops go, maybe build two different sizes, side by side. One for the big bikes and one for the little guys. That way as the rider(s) progress you don't have to rebuild sections of the track. Use a filler for the center of the table tops. I've used stacked up old tires, I've even used an old S10 truck. Just make sure that you cover with plenty of dirt. Then when you decide to rebuild or change the track your not moving so much dirt. I also would not build an oval. At the very least I would build a horse shoe track. That way riders can work on their form turning both ways. Its always good to start with a table top and some whoops, then when your rider is comfortable with the table and clearing face to landing consistantly, remove the center and you have a double that they have the confindence to try. I don't know what it is, but when there is a gap between jumps (double) riders get very intemidated, espically the little guys. If your not building for quads thats cool. The track does not have to be a wide, but be careful not to let quads on it as they will widen your track. Make sure you get a good disk. You'll want to disk it for the rain and then after to help drying time. Other than that its just build what you want your rider to work on. If you can build part of on a hill, do. Then you can get into off camber hair pins, ski jumps, up hill double, triples, ect. Hope this helps... sorry for all the spelling errors. Us MX guys never were good at spelling... HA. Let us know how it turns out!!!

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