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wetsounds1 01-24-2011 2:28 PM

Austin and Houston Boat Show pics
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Here are a few pics from the Austin Boat show this past weekend and some that one of our sales guys snapped at the Houston Boat show.Sorry, I didn't get a ton of pics. We spent too much time talking.

The Hydrotunes booth at the Austin show had our RZ2 demo boat and a Nautique with a pretty crazy set up. 3 pairs of PRO 80's and It has a projector installed in the floor firing up to the bimini. Works great for a demo. All for the boat show of course. Also, have a pic of the Malibu in Texas Stereo's booth from the Houston show with the LCD on the tower for the boat show.

Both shows were very good. Everyone had good things to say about the upcoming season.

Wet Sounds

timmyb 01-24-2011 3:50 PM

Nice pics! Thanks for sharing!

wake77 01-24-2011 5:24 PM

"We spent too much time talking."

You sure it wasn't too much time playing golf?

ajholt7 01-24-2011 7:05 PM

Very nice pics. The Wet Sounds Tige was looking sweet! Love the all white RZ2.

bobenglish 01-24-2011 7:51 PM

Is the Tige tower a foot lower than everyone else's tower? Sharp boats though.

jonyb 01-25-2011 8:16 PM

Nice pics..... Glad to see pics from a boat show since there aren't any close to me this year.

txstereo 01-25-2011 9:14 PM

Im buyin Shawn a new digital camera....with jitter control! http://http://www.flickr.com/photos/...ts/4706925334/

wetsounds1 01-26-2011 7:45 AM


Originally Posted by txstereo (Post 1656752)
Im buyin Shawn a new digital camera....with jitter control! http://http://www.flickr.com/photos/...ts/4706925334/

HAHA. I know. He took about twice that many and these were the good ones:D

Add some pics if you have any

Wet Sounds

factorykitted 01-26-2011 10:18 AM

Sorry for the repeats, im sure most of you guys have seen a few of these.















jarrod 01-26-2011 11:28 AM

I can see why the Mastercrafts are getting so expensive. All of the billet and machining that goes into their towers has got to drive up the price a good 10K easy.

The Malibus have my heart :-)

riverside 01-26-2011 4:40 PM

It looks like the exhibitors getting bored.... just a few people over there.

hydrotunes 01-26-2011 6:18 PM

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Here's a few more of the Nautique's interior from our booth.

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