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gr8white 01-24-2011 4:36 AM

2001 centurion concourse thoughts?
Hey guys I have found a boat in my price range and just wanted to get you're thoughts and reviews if you have been on one or own one. I have been looking for a boat in the 20-22k dollar range and been looking for something with a deeper v and decent interior room for the family. I found a 2001 concourse air warrior for sale and they want 20k for it. First how do you like the wake and interior setup? And second it seems like there isn't much freeboard above the swimstep on the stern of the boat and was wondering if weighted if there is a problem with the water coming over the transom when slowing down.:confused: Thanks guys for the input.

duramat 01-25-2011 11:27 AM

Ask over on Centurioncrew.com too for some opinions as well I'm sure someone with that Model may be able to give back some info as well :)

gr8white 01-25-2011 6:38 PM

Ok thanks duramat. Guy that did my smog today owns a 2002 moomba outback lsv and wants 20,000 for it but for some reason that sounds like a lot for an outback to me what do you guys think?

polarbill 01-25-2011 8:34 PM

I believe an 02 outback LSV is the same boat as an 02 mobius LSV.

illini88 01-26-2011 5:39 PM

$20k is a bit high, but probably isn't insane. I'd figure closer to $18k depending on hours and options.

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