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ord27 01-23-2011 2:26 PM

RC Copter
I started flying the micro coaxial , then moved to the Blade CX2 coaxial. This one is my first collective pitch. It's the Blade SR. It is completely different to fly compared to the coaxial copters.
It was a bit windy for the first flight. I have practiced on the Phoenix simulator. That's a cool program.
Copter is still in one piece! I'll go out again when the wind dies down. Tried to upload a video, but didn't have any luck

ord27 01-23-2011 10:27 PM

can someone tell me what compression/format to use so that my video is small enough to post

01-24-2011 6:18 AM

post it on youtube and post the link to the video here - or better yet use the embed code.

01-24-2011 7:12 AM

Cool! I'm still gettin' my learn on with the MCX2. I hit things. A lot.

I have flown the SR, but it's a little much for me still. You're flying yours outdoors? Wow, that must be a challenge.

ord27 01-24-2011 8:10 AM


helinut 01-24-2011 8:53 AM

Don't start looking at the bigger choppers our your bank account is going to hate you. Trust me... been there done that... :)

fly135 01-24-2011 9:17 AM

I've got a video somwehere of me flying my son-in-law's Blade SR. It's really fun. Didn't try it outside, Just flying around the living room.

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