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rsbminn 01-21-2011 7:56 PM

Buying Remote wakeskate from aacadia.com
So aacadia.com had remote wakeskates for sale. I have been really wanting to get a remote. But is this site a good site? I dont want to get ripped off or just something stupid happen. Any advice or experience would be great help.
Also, do remote boards have any warranties?

wakemitch 01-21-2011 9:13 PM

I dont believe Remote has a warranty policy. Most small wakeskate companies dont. For wood decks they are the strongest out there though.

Aacadia is run by mike ennen and silas thurman i believe, and Silas is the owner of Remote. They are legit. I don't know if any site has them right now. My shop has had a 39.5" Yan Lecomte on order since september and still hasnt received it. They have been slow. The other boards came in and were great, but were already pre sold.

If aacadia is out of stock now, you should go to your local shop and ask them to order a remote for you. It will take the same time and cost the same. Plus you might get your local shop to start carrying them so other skaters can buy them.

rsbminn 01-22-2011 6:59 AM

aacadia has them for sale right now. But if it takes like 6 months to finally get it, its pointless because I am in Minnesota and summer would pretty much be over. And I will try talkin to guys at my local shop and see what they can do.

bmr850 01-23-2011 6:11 PM

slaysh tank has boards which are identical to the remotes. made at the same place and everything jus a dif graphic and $50 more.

perfski 02-16-2011 5:18 AM

Just got in all 4 models....
We just got our first batch of Remotes in yesterday including Matt Hookers new model to replace Andrews.
Images are here.


Only two of each size...but more on order....these are the first one's we've seen from 2011 and since the new direction of Remote.

kcrider 02-22-2011 8:24 PM

What new direction? Is Pastura leaving Remote?

deltawakerider 02-24-2011 12:53 PM

i heard pastura is doing his own thing...

perfski 02-25-2011 9:03 PM

Pastura is gone....Hooker is in.....his boards are selling well with the "hooter"esque style graphic.


epicTWR 03-02-2011 12:13 PM

THE LIQUID PLAYGROUND's remote desplay





decks are in, and ready for some shredding.

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