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306Rider 01-19-2011 2:11 PM

Tahiti (anyone been there?)
Just wondering if anyone here has ever been to Tahiti? More particular Bora Bora and Moorea?
Heading there in a month with my wife for our honeymoon. Staying 5 days in Moorea then 5 days in Bora Bora. Staying at the soffitel resort on both islands. We are hoping to do some diving we just finished our PADI open water certification, any other ideas?? or good things to see and do?? hoping to buy some black pearls there aswell.

ottog1979 01-19-2011 5:09 PM

OK, it's been 20 years but I've been to both on a similar length trip. Perhaps, or probably, not much has changed. On Morea we rented mopeds and rode completely around the island in one day. Make sure you take the road away from the coast that heads up the mountain - that was cool and offered great views once you get up there. We mainly just hung, did some kayaking, booze cruise, etc. We snorkeled in front of the hotel every day. On Bora Bora, we went scuba diving which was awesome! Also fed the sharks out by the reef, did the same moped around the island deal. Not much, but hope that helps. Mainly, we just hung out and enjoyed the scenery, weather & water.

jeff_mn 01-20-2011 5:47 AM

Make sure you take the helicopter ride around the island.. Great views..

jeff_mn 01-20-2011 5:49 AM

The island is very quiet, very little nightlight outside of what is going on at your resort.. So don't prepare for your typical carribbean party type destniation. Are you staying in an over water bungalo in Bora Bora? There is some great diving there and also some super cool mountain hikes up to the mountains. I think they may have volcanoes as well.


306Rider 01-20-2011 7:53 AM

Thanks for the input! yes we are staying in a over the water bungalow in Bora Bora. I think we have a beach bungalow in Moorea. Im excited to go diving and snorkeling. I think we will have to look into renting mopeds and do the island. any other ideas are appreciated.

guido 01-20-2011 10:19 AM

Bora Bora is VERY low key. Definitely relaxing. Scuba is amazing there from what I understand. The furthest we went was snorkeling which was also very cool. There is a hike from over by Club Med to the very highest point on the island. The views are absolutely amazing. As for nightlife, there really isn't any. Not really any resteraunts outside the resorts to go to either. Even "town" is very small with a couple jewelry shops, and that's about it. I hear Bloody Mary's is a cool restaraunt, but it was closed the week we were there. We really spent most of our time sailing and lounging. We met another couple down there and ended up drinking with them daily. Also ran into some of my parents friends from way back and a couple that got married at the same place as my wife and I, but a week before. Random. Anyway. It's beautiful, but there's really no partying to be done there. It is a great place to relax and chill, though. I doubt I'll go back till I get a lot older. For now I usually look for a more lively vacation. Oh, plus it's an adventure to get there. We flew to LA, caught a connector to Tahiti, then a prop plane to Bora Bora where the airport is on an island. Then we hopped a ferry and a bus to get to the resort. 13 hours later we were on the beach.

Enjoy, man. Take lot's of pictures. They'll turn out amazing the water is gorgeous.

tings00 01-20-2011 7:26 PM

that is my dream vacation. I hope you have a great time and you better report back with a bunch of pictures afterward. We made it to Australia (sydney and cairns) last March, man that seems like forever ago. My only advice would be surfing, but i am not sure if they have amateur waves there. Travel safe.

306Rider 01-21-2011 7:25 AM

Thanks guys! I am a hobby photographer so i will be bring a bunch of camera gear! So i will be taking a lot of pictures, From what ive read about most surfing there is that its not for beginners, which is what I am. But if its different I would love to catch some waves. We are ok with a relaxing trip it is our honeymoon so we dont care if there isnt a big party scene. It is our dream vaction as well I was googling top honeymoon destinations and once I saw pictures of Tahiti we had to go. I will post up some pictures once i get back.

guido 01-24-2011 9:44 AM

The scenery is top notch. The pics should be amazing. The water glows in pictures.

I really wanted to surf there, too. I'd actually like to go back with another few couples. Let the girls do their thing during the day and maybe sneek away for some waves. Plus, I like bringing drinking partners on vacay with me. Ha, ha, ha. I guess that was frowned on during the honeymoon, though.

mikeski 01-24-2011 2:46 PM

LJ, I worked in Moorea for 3 months teaching waterskiing back when there was a ClubMed on the island. It's a very nice vacation spot and the locals are very kind people. We took the ferry over to Papaeete and missed the last bus on the return when I was there with my wife a few years ago. The island postmaster picked up up and drove us 30 miles back to the hotel just to be nice.

I would recommend a helicopter tour, shark dive, boat tour, hike, maybe a little ocean surfing too but be careful you don't end up on the reef. Diving is very good day or night.

If you can find the location of the old ClubMed on Moorea I would not be surprised if you could not find a guy named Ani with a boat available for hire to take you boarding. Skiing and boarding inside of the motu in the shallow waters with volcanic boulders below the surface is interesting or exciting.

Best part of Tahiti are the beach sunsets in the balmy air.

The wife got the black pearls too, gotta go to Papaeete market so you don't get ripped off for those. Do you speak any French? You can drive a little better bargain if you can speak the native language.

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