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brycejb328 01-16-2011 7:10 AM

Prop shaft hanger loose...
1997 malibu sunsetter

So when I was winterizing my boat, I was doing a good thorough walk around and a good check over on everything. For no real reason at all, I grabbed the prop shaft hanger and made sure it was good and snug. Well... it wasnt, its not "loose" to the point you can actually see it move when you grab it, but you can "feel" a little bit of movement.

So what now?? pull the prop shaft, remove the hanger and re-install with some of the 3M marine adhesive (whatever kind they reccomend for that). I imagine they have a torque spec so you dont over tighten and squeeze out all the sealant.

Anything I am missing??

Give me any feedback or help you have with this?

Thanks in advance!!

unclejessie 01-16-2011 6:43 PM

I think you are referring to the strut. I experienced this this past summer. In my case, I had a small ding in my prop that caused some small vibration. I never bothered to fix it and the result was that the vibrations made the nuts holding the strut grind into the fiberglass. The nuts did not come loose because they are a Nylock type nut, rather, they vibrated themselves right into the fiberglass and the whole strut was loose. Check those first and tighten them down until they are snug. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN these or you will crack your gel coat. then make sure your prop has no dings in it!


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