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t0nyv831 01-15-2011 2:13 PM

Need a third Lake Anderson 1/15
Have one other rider confirmed, need least one more. Sanger V215 sacked, PP.. Hit me up on here or call.

Tony 831-261-5744..

dmoitoso1 01-23-2011 9:35 AM

Tony whats up, rode w/u back in Oct 10, Stocky Old Bald OrkinMan. Not to sure about cold water but I can Drive or Flag (3rd). Let me know next time you go if I'm in SJ I would love be out there......

t0nyv831 01-23-2011 4:47 PM

Dan, whats up bud?!! Yeah I remember..Its been a while. Ive been trying to ride as much as possible this winter, but getting peeps to come out is a challenge. Good looking out..def be hitting you up or if u see one of my posts, hit me up...cheers..

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