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pesos 01-15-2011 12:44 AM

the NAACP can kiss my butt


wakeboardingdad 01-15-2011 10:14 AM

Good stuff. It makes me wonder who the racist is now. They only remain in power as long as there is racial disharmony which they continue to stir. ttt

cadunkle 01-16-2011 1:37 PM

I hate those racist pricks. They choose to perpetuate racism, the "ignant" blacks living in inner city areas buy it hook line and sinker and believe they are entitled to a free ride from whitey. If NAACP really wanted to stop racism they would stop spouting their propaganda and fight to eliminate all affirmative action and similar laws on the books. End racism by making race a non-issue. "All men are created equal" That's the beginning and end of it, and all that is necessary.

polarbill 01-16-2011 4:05 PM

Cory, I agree. They are donig more harm now then good. They aren't that much different than unions. At one point they were necessary but are now bad for the well being of this country and the people that live in it.

01-16-2011 4:12 PM

If you want to see real racism and what leftist activists do to stir the pot read about "Pigford". The best source for it s Andrew Breitbart's Big Government Website.

The Pigford Shakedown: How the Black Farmers’ Cause Was Hijacked by Politicians, Trial Lawyers & Community Organizers — Leaving Us With a Billion Dollar Tab

jeff359 01-17-2011 8:14 PM

NAACP, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Black Muslems have all made many careers for black folk. Steering uneducated inner city minorities into hate. the ratio is 10 to 1 of inner city types hating white people, as there are white people hating blacks. The ratio is 5 to 1 in the suburbs, but still alarming

Riteride 01-18-2011 9:40 AM

There are alot of people out there that just need a hug!!!! lol

benbuchholz 01-18-2011 10:00 AM

Zach galifanakis anyone?

" I want to combine the NAACP with Mothers Against Drunk Driving. It's called Mothers Against the Advancement of Colored People".

On a serious note, I agree with wiping out all affirmative action laws and making race a "non issue". Doubt it'll happen in our lifetime, but that's what its going to take. Organizations like naacp just seem to create more racism through their tactics.

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