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grant_west 01-13-2011 3:25 PM

Bleeding brakes on trailer
Hey I need to bleed the brakes on my trailer I just installed a New A60 brake acuator with a New master cylinder ect. Any tip's on getting them dialed in?? Thank's G

trace 01-13-2011 4:03 PM

You will need 2 people. Take the ball mount off of your truck and put it on the trailer to use as a lever to pump the m/c.

phatboypimp 01-13-2011 4:15 PM

Ghetto Sytle: If you are doing it by yourself, I have done it by blocking the trailer wheels - "pumping" the system by moving the truck foward/back - then backing up to get pressure - set parking brake - release pressure. Repeat. Keep a close eye on the fluid level or you might have to start over.

PictureMeRollin 01-13-2011 4:23 PM

Don't waste your time and energy pumping and pumping the actuator with a friend. If the actuator has a bleeder on the master cylinder, the pumping technique won't even work.

Get a mighty-vac type vacuum brake bleeder at your local auto parts store. ($25-$40). Using this tool will save you a ton of time, frustration and effort. It will also save you from going through quarts of brake fluid.

dohboy 01-13-2011 5:40 PM

I tried using a vacuum type brake bleeder but it was a pain squeezing the pump. I ended up using my Pela fluid extractor. I put the hose on each caliper bleed fitting, one at a time. Pumped the extractor to pull the tank into a negative then loosened the bleed fitting at each caliper. I had a buddy make sure the reservoir didn't run dry while I sucked the brake fluid through the lines. Worked well.

murphy_smith 01-13-2011 6:28 PM

sucking is much better than pumping.

Go and get you a mighty vac toy

chucktronics 01-14-2011 8:46 AM

"G" -
Mighty Vac , simple to use .I got one you can use if want . just hooks to a compressor to create vacuum and then crack the bleeder screw to suck air out and fresh fluid to the caliper . Dont bother with the pump

razzman 01-14-2011 9:24 AM

G i can tell ya a very simple way to do without any heartache at all. I've done a couple new A60's this way as well as maintain my current one.

As said get a MightyVac. Doesn't have to be the expensive one with the gauge and all, mine isn't. It comes with hoses and adapters. Go to Ace Hardware, Home Depot, etc and get a tapered rubber plug that will push about halfway into the master cylinder fill hole. Drill a hole straight through the middle of the plug. Make sure the hole is big enough to slip an adapter into it and the hole is open to the other end. Hook up your hose, add fluid to the master and pressurize the master with the mightyVac (A few pumps will do or you'll force it out of the master!). Have an assistant place a clear hose on the bleed valves and place the other end into a jar of fluid. Crack open the valves one at a time and all the air will purge. It will take a little while but it's quick, around ten minutes or less. Make sure to check the master fluid after every couple of pumps as it will drain quick. If you need a pic of the setup let me know and i'll take one.

01-14-2011 9:29 AM

Just watch the video...

You can get th little bleeder tool at your local auto parts store.

If you don't have the little screw driver slot in your tongue you can use a 6' 2"x4" as a level to depress the tongue on the trailer. You will have to block the trailer tires. Brace the 2x4 against your foot and the tongue and you can easily push forward. You should have the little slot that you can use a screw driver to depress the actuator though, almost all tongues have this feature.

grant_west 01-14-2011 10:43 AM

I did the brakes last night. My A60 had the hole in the toung that allows you to pump the master with a screwdriver.
I had my brother work the screwdriver and I was under the trailer going back and forth between the brakes. The only challange was keeping fluid in the master. 1 or 2 bleed's and the master would be empty. Just had to make sure the master was topped off. It took about 20 mins and 2 Bottles of fluid and we were done, My system was in bad shape. The first few bleeds the fluid was rust colord and nasty. By the time we were done the fluid was all clear and soild. Thanks for the tips

trace 01-14-2011 12:49 PM

Yeah, keeping the m/c full is the other reason it's a lot easier with 2 people.

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