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kal_dude 01-13-2011 2:46 PM

anyone in the miami area? 2/1 2/2
hello, i am going to be in miami for our world conference, and have tue. afternoon and all day wed. open. conf. starts thur. i fly into Ft. Lauterdale tue A.M. if anyone is in the area, and wants to hook me up with a pull that would be awesome! i have gas/beer money, etc... willing to help out with whatever. please contact me
kal schultz
414-801-0297 (cell/text)

baitkiller 01-13-2011 6:53 PM

Call Miami Nautique, they have a boat in amelia Airheart park where a full cable and 2.0 are also going in. The guys there can definately get you a pull, no sweat. My boat is hauled for service (and cold) and I am 1.75 hours west of Miami.

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