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jarrod 01-13-2011 1:34 PM

CIE Spring Ride May 6-8
It official. The Pines Resort at Bass Lake is now taking reservations. You must ask for Lanie. Details on events and riders coming soon.

parkgirl 01-13-2011 3:44 PM

Booked our room! Cant wait, Bass Lake is awesome

snwmot 01-13-2011 4:06 PM

just booked my room she told me they already have 18 reservations booked so hurry up guys! cant wait!!!!

DMeyersLT 01-13-2011 4:07 PM

Were there!!! We all look forward to this event every year. Thanks C.I.E and The Pines Resort

v220ls 01-14-2011 10:35 AM

CIE or J-Rod
I was wanting to check this out this year, but wondering bringing a boat is that a good or bad idea? I have no issues bring it, just kind of wanted to know the scene, maybe another boat is just one more there's no room for? I have seen the pictures from past events, looks like a very good time!

If one of you could let me know, thanks


guido 01-14-2011 10:51 AM

Bring your boat, Greg. There's plenty of dock space. It's safe and secure (round the clock security) and there's great riding to be had early in the morning if you can resist partying as hard as the rest of us.

See you there.

guido 01-14-2011 10:53 AM

I should mention that the owner of the Marina does charge for slips. It's not cheap. We'll post the prices once we have them in writing again. Having your boat gives you a nice place to chill and get close to the action. Most people spend their whole day down on the dock until the night time parties kick off.

v220ls 01-14-2011 11:08 AM

Nice, thanks Evan, I just didn't want to be part of a problem.

See you there!


jarrod 01-14-2011 3:18 PM

See you there Greg

rukie 01-14-2011 3:25 PM

Left my message for Lanie this morning, cant wait!!!!

mjr 01-14-2011 4:40 PM

What is Bass Lake like as a place to ride? Wondering about taking the boat and family up there for a few days mid-week in the summer.

jarrod 01-17-2011 7:53 AM

I've heard that the sumemr time gets a little crazy. Lot of boats, and a small lake. It's a beautiful place for a family vacation. I'm planning one there myself. But if smooth flat water is a priority, you might be disappointed. Then again, week days might be better.

For Spring Ride, the water is pretty good.

mjr 01-18-2011 8:23 AM

Thanks. Took a more careful look and it seems the boat registration fee is $63 per season (no daily rate) and if you want a slip at the marina its listed at $55 a night. May stick to my favorite campsite at Lake McClure!

guido 01-18-2011 12:39 PM

Yup... We beat the boat registration fee by doing the event early in the season. After that it get's expensive. The Pine's is a beautiful resort, though. Not too many nice hotels right on the water. It could make for a nice summer get away, but I wouldn't count on great water.

jps912 01-19-2011 5:13 AM

All booked up and looking forward to it. Was a blast last year.

jarrod 01-19-2011 11:19 AM

40% of Spring Ride Rooms Booked
just wanted to give you guys a heads. 40 of the 100 rooms were booked in just a few days. They are selling at double the pace of last year. Don't get left out.

Also, I'll be staying the following week to wakeboard and ride dirtbikes if anyone wants to join me and the family.

westsiderippa 01-20-2011 12:15 PM


bump it up............

got are chalet yesterday.

jarrod we are bringing christian and cori, so are we gonna bring bikes and try to go ride trail up there before?

dave27 01-20-2011 1:26 PM

All booked, me and Springbok are ready again. We can't wait.

01-24-2011 6:21 PM

GOOD to see CIE is still at it!!! www.DJBrianBASS.com

steezyshots 01-25-2011 9:24 AM

Partay time!

moto817 01-26-2011 8:57 AM

Booked our rooms last weekend , first year I have gone. Cant wait to see what its all about !

breakz77 03-08-2011 1:35 PM

Just booked my chalet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jarrod 03-17-2011 7:21 AM

Chad Sharpe confirmed

cwaker4 04-25-2011 1:34 AM

Are the Chalets or slips all booked? I have both reserved however may not be able to attend the event so I am wondering if any last minute spring-riders are in need? I've had an awesome time the past two years and would be bummed to miss this one.

SangerChris 04-26-2011 9:19 AM

Got my chalet and slip ill be in a 2003 v210 without a windshield.

cwaker4 04-27-2011 10:50 AM

I have a boat slip up for grabs if anyone needs it contact me and i can transfer it to you!- cmorsilli@yahoo.com

Springbok 05-09-2011 7:36 AM

Spring Ride this year was even bigger and better then last year! The boys at CIE know how to put on a good show! I will be posting photos of the event over the next week. Here is a shot to hold you over for a bit :)


johnny_jr 05-09-2011 7:54 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Couple more shots, more to come later

buffalow 05-09-2011 8:07 AM

Spring Ride Shots
3 Attachment(s)
Couple of quicky shot from Friday on the Norcal Hyperlite MB. First few are Aaron Rathy. Others are Jason Callen on his CWB.

Wish I could have stuck around, cause the CIE guys were on top of their game on Friday. Event organization looked great and the people were pouring in. Great to see all of you that I did get to see in my short time there.

dave27 05-09-2011 8:20 AM

I had such a great time. Loved the event. CIE has this dialed in. Keep up the fantastic work. Now all you Spring Riders, help me get through my day by keeping the pictures coming.

parkgirl 05-09-2011 9:03 AM

3 Attachment(s)
had a great time!

Springbok 05-09-2011 10:43 AM


SangerChris 05-09-2011 4:52 PM

This event was cool it was my first time at spring ride but little disappointed at night while I was sleeping Saturday night I had my truck broken into and they tried to steal my stereo and they ended up messing it up and they broke my rear sliding glass door on my truck and they keyed all down the drivers side of my truck too then I bought my lady a couple pairs of new sandals and they were stolen along with all of our clothes.

jarrod 05-09-2011 5:27 PM

Really sorry about that Chris. This year we tried out some radio advertisiing to bring the mountain locals. We ended up getting a lot more trouble. We're taking measures to try and prevent that stuff from happening in the future. Sorry to hear that this happened. That really sucks.

Springbok 05-09-2011 7:37 PM

Some more Spring Ride love :)


SangerChris 05-09-2011 9:32 PM

Jarrod- I knew a couple of cars that got 559 keyed into the side of their cars and I think that is the are code up their. I'm just glad my boat never got messed with. Oh well I just can't wait to see all the photos.

johnny_jr 05-11-2011 10:54 AM

Got a nice key mark down the side of my truck door. local douche bags always F up the events. Never fails.

guido 05-13-2011 10:24 AM

Yup... That kind of BS is totally not called for. We've already discussed security options with the hotel and wont be advertising locally next year. Unfortunate, but all it takes is a couple punks to wreck peoples party. Really sorry to anyone that got their stuff messed with. In my eye, that's the lowest kind of low.

Hopefully see all you guys next year. We'll try to make it up to you...:)

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