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wolffman 01-12-2011 7:43 PM

Rack suggestions
Just bought a Monster MT1 and would like to mount 2 combo wakeboard/kneeboard racks on it.
Anyone have experience with Cheerwake or have suggestions on a manufacturer that you recommend. I found Cheerwake on Ebay. I know they are out of China but are made of 6016 aluminum and from pics don't look high end but don't look bad and the price is right.

I can't see buying high end racks unless someone has some experience I am missing to tell me why I should.

Thanks for any all advice

05mobiuslsv 01-12-2011 9:19 PM

The Samson racks are second to none.

jdoggy_73 01-12-2011 9:52 PM

Samson racks are killer, but you're going to pay a price for them. Also check out nice-rack's:


05mobiuslsv 01-12-2011 10:21 PM

I had Niceracks on my 06', the samsons are way better racks.

repo 01-13-2011 5:35 PM

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I've got a few ariel racks. I also got them hard anodised to match my tower. The swivel brakets are OK but you do need to pull them apart and grease the pins before install. Once they were anodised they have been great.

wolffman 01-13-2011 10:10 PM

Thanks everyone for the input so far.
Not sure what my decision is going to be at this point. 05mobiuslsvr I am certainly not going to argue with you on the quality of the Samson racks but they are simply not in my price range. If I can find a smokin deal on them they would be nice but otherwise it just ain't going to happen.

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