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mc_x15 01-12-2011 1:04 PM

Jason Ellis Show
Anybody watch it? Yesterday, 1-11-11 there was a guest on the show that was a Mob informant/drug dealer that is wrote a book. He wore a wire in brooklyn and helped take down some crime family. I only caugth a few minutes of it. Sounded like a cool book but i cant remeber the name of the guy who wrote it for the life of me. Any info would be great. Google didnt help.

dirtysparks 01-12-2011 2:59 PM


mc_x15 01-13-2011 7:58 AM

Thanks, exactly what i needed

306Rider 01-13-2011 8:01 AM

I love the Jason Ellis Show so good!! I Listen online in the office everyday. I cant remember his full name Kenji was his first name i think? not sure how it is spelled?? Post up if you find the book. His book is along the lines of what i read.

RedRum 01-13-2011 8:40 AM

I listen to the show, not watch it LOL. Yeah that guy's name was Kenji Gallos. Sounds like a good book to read. RED DRAGONS

mc_x15 01-13-2011 11:45 AM

Listen, watch, yeah yeah, lol. RED DRAGONS!!


RedRum 01-13-2011 11:56 AM

I read the first few pages on Amazon...gonna have to pick this one up.

mc_x15 01-13-2011 12:34 PM

barnes and noble is cheaper. Shipped was like 8 bucks, paperback i assume. Another good book is Doctor Dealer if you into the whole crime/drug/mafia type books. http://www.amazon.com/Doctor-Dealer-.../dp/0802137571

RedRum 01-13-2011 12:46 PM

Cool I will check em out.
I'll suggest
No Lights, No Sirens

Under and Alone
Probably one of the best books I have read...hard to put down. There was even a special on Discovery Channel about this sting.

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