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jon43 01-11-2011 7:18 AM

prop puller
is there a way without a prop puller? any help

jarrod 01-11-2011 7:44 AM

Depends on a few things. Mastercrafts have the splined sfaft so that the prop doesn't have to seat so tight. 05-up Mastercrafts ( I think) don;t usually need a puller. I'm not up on my other manufacturers. You could probably try to jar it loose with a rubber mallet as long as you can avoid hitting the blades.

ajf4242 01-11-2011 7:50 AM

I'm going to get a lot of this is the wrong way and blah blah blah you will ruin your prop or your shaft. But you can take a brass hammer and tap it around the prop, not on the blades obviously but at its most solid point. If you just tap it, it will come off nice and easy, I've never had an issue like everyone else on here says that the prop is on super tight and is a pain to come off. . . just grease it up and put another back on. I can change a prop out in like 5 minutes doing it this way and i've never had an issue, but people will say you need to go out and spend 40 bucks on something when i've heard of people still having problems getting their prop off, but to each their own. This is the easiest ways in my eyes and is just MY OPINION.

acurtis_ttu 01-11-2011 8:13 AM

similar to andrew, all I typically do is remove the prop nut and hit the end of the prop shaft with a hammer a few times, the vibration knocks it loose.

bmartin 01-11-2011 9:49 AM

The tapping with a hammer to create vibration may or may not work. I haven't had luck with it as it doesn't seem to create enough or the right kind of vibration. A hammer and a 2x2 or 2x4 will work but you may have to be aggressive with it and do not recommend unless you are in a pinch. I like harmonic prop pullers. They create the right kind of vibration and are not too expensive.

nickbot 01-11-2011 9:51 AM

if you grease a tapered shaft it's definitely the wrong way...most of the torque is transferred via the taper...don't grease...use a puller, don't f up your trans...

john211 01-11-2011 11:03 AM

Industry has made the right tool for the job, and ... the nature of man is so strong to forsake it. However you go about it, leave the nut part way on.

jon43 01-11-2011 11:17 AM

thanks guys
I have a 1995 hydrodyne with a acme 13 x13 4 blade and it won't budge I have tried everything to no avail. also I have a little bit of play in my shaft back and forth not side to side is this normal.

hatepain 01-11-2011 11:41 AM

Get a prop puller or go in on one with your buddies that have inboards they are a million times easier without any real risk of damage.

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