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clubjoe 01-11-2011 7:16 AM

Air Force guys- lookin for info
Hey, my stepson is set to finish boot camp at Lackland AFB and he's been told he wil probably get the job he's chosen. If that happens, after training he was told he'd be stationed near L.A. about an hour from Bakersfield and working with or around NASA.

Any ideas about where that might be? My fist thought was Edwards, because I figured peeps in Texas may have a different view on what L.A. is, but I'm sure there must be other places considering there are airports in the area.

We don't get much time to chat with him, so info is scattered since the wifey gets about 99% of the alloted chat time.

Any help would go a long way to easing the wife's stress and thereby ease mine. Thanks in advance!

marshk344 01-11-2011 3:52 PM

Could be Edwards, which is mainly used for flight and weapons testing. I know the space shuttle lands there occasionally, if that counts for anything.

I would bet he's going to Vandenberg though. It's the AF's main satellite and missile launch site run by AF Space Command.

clubjoe 01-13-2011 7:17 AM

Apparently ther'e's also JPL (jet propulsion lab) in L.A. as well. I had ruled out Vandenburg just because it's so far north of L.A..

Either way it's a waiting game.... Thanks!

bendow 01-13-2011 9:02 AM

I'm on Lackland right now. Maybe I could track him down for you and ask :)

I'm not sure exactly where that's at, but I can tell you the AF has tons of places they send people to which may or may not be an AF base.

clubjoe 01-13-2011 12:05 PM

Thanks for the offer, but I'm sure he would get a T.I. beatdown if he found out we're passing notes in class :D

As soon as he gets settled though I might be on the lookout for a pull for him if he's not close to home....

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