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bendow 01-10-2011 2:30 PM

Dirtbike Hawaii
I know a lot of you guys are into dirtbikes. Below is a link my dad sent me of him and friends riding in Hawaii (dad is on the KTM 300). IMO, Hawaii has some of the best and most beautiful trails in the world. Some of the trails in the mountains are just crazy and take a ton of skill, and others are easy with a lot of great scenery.

My dads friends started this business where they let people rent a bike and take them on trails. The guy running the business is arguably the best trail rider in Hawaii, his GF (in the pictures) is really good too.

Anyway, me and my dad have no affiliation with the business just friends/ riding buddies so this is not an advertisement, but I thought I'd post up here if any of you guys ever go out to Hawaii and want to hit up the trails. I could see about getting a good discout for WW'ers. Also, my dad has a pretty much brand new CRF450X that has just been sitting since he got his KTM...he'd probably be down taking the CRF out since he said someone needs to ride it before it rots.


jarrod 01-10-2011 4:17 PM

doo that looks awesome. I would love to do that. Unfortunately when I finally get the time to go to Hawaii with my wife, I don't dare go dirtbiking.

chadgreg 01-10-2011 4:29 PM

I was there a month ago and would have loved to do this! Next Year For Sure!

guido 01-13-2011 1:32 PM

Damn, that looks like fun... I'd love to do it, but I'd really like to have my bike and all my gear there. At least my gear. I could probably get down on any decent bike, really. Might have to put that on the bucket list.

bendow 01-14-2011 8:10 AM

Yeah, I agree Evan. Last time I went to visit my Dad I rode a CRF450R in the trails, and spent a lot of time killing it and kicking it since I'm used to 2 strokes. I'm pretty sure you have a 2 stroke right? CR250?

I forgot my dad also has a CRF450R as well as the X. My little brother had the CRF450R and it got stolen so my dad got him another one, and then the cops recovered his stolen bike. So he sold the recovered one, then my brother screwed up and now he's in military school. So there's 2 pretty much brand new CRF's just sitting, and my dad only wants to ride the KTM300...don't blame him. I've been trying to talk him into converting the CRF450X into a supermoto so I can rip around the island next time I vist :)

guido 01-14-2011 11:49 AM

Yup.... CR250 for now, but I've been eyeing KTM 450exc's. I really want a street plated dirt bike to ride up in the mountains. There are a ton of great trails, but you have to link them together by roads. I've been doing it renegade style on my CR. I'm not sure how much slack the highway patrol will cut me if I get pulled over jamming down the road on my CR.

The 300 is the ultimate trail bike. I think that'd be my number one choice if there were some way to get one plated here in cali.

Man, a supermoto on the island would be so much fun.

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