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austindodson 01-06-2011 7:36 PM

Check this video of this 9 Year old killing it!!

this is a video i made of my buddy killing it on a skateboard!!


grant_west 01-06-2011 7:54 PM

That's pretty cool. Question how do you think the wear and tear on your Knees is compaired to Wakeboarding. Wondering if skating like that (Big Drops) beats you down at such a young age.
When you see older wakeboarders they tend to have blowen out knees from all the hard landings out into the flats ect

Michael 01-06-2011 11:13 PM

Let me just say that i was sponsored for skating at the age of 13 and now im 25, one blown out right knee that hurts everyday, left ankle that hurts every so often and my back hurts everyday if that help answer your question. So yeah its really hard on your body

colorider 01-07-2011 6:27 AM

How about the fact the kid is not wearing a helmet ? I know it's a personal choice, but letting a kid skate without a helmet is just flat out STUPID. Why worry about a knee problem when the chance of a major brain injury is more likely.

hatepain 01-07-2011 9:18 AM

That lil guy is amazing! I'd love to see him wear a helmet though so other little kids don't get the idea that its not the "cool" thing to do to weat one.

sasky_rider 01-07-2011 12:34 PM

that kid is amazing... i totally agree with Hate n Pain though..... i cringe every time i watched him hit a jump..... get a helmet on for sure!!

mc_x15 01-08-2011 2:27 PM

Kid rips!! +1 on the helmet.

Luker 01-11-2011 10:51 AM

0:59 was SIIIIICK

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