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01-05-2011 8:17 AM

WOW! Arizona state government showing you the money!
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I just found this website today and thought I would share. Does your state publish this information?

In 2010 the State of Arizona spent over $33 Billion, of witch over $15 Billion was for Health and Welfare!

dizzlestoy 01-05-2011 9:38 AM

Maybe if they put more money towards education it wouldn't be that much on welfare

nautiquesonly 01-05-2011 2:32 PM

Our system is broken. Every state probably looks like that! All the extensions on unemployment and raises for those on welfare are just plain stupid. These programs need overhauled in order to encourage the leeches to get off their a$$es and find work. Unemployment and welfare should be used as a means to get the unfortunate back on their feet, not as a way of life.

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