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tnvolgrad 01-02-2011 5:38 PM

Custom Rims/ Trailers
I wanted to ask the user experience around your custom trailer rims/tires? I see a number of folks with 17"/18" tires - (appear to be 245/255 x 45 x 17/18 XL rates tires). I have tried to research the XL rated tire versus the ST/bias ply, but there is little information. Does anyone know the real story - is a XL that much different in carrying weight than a ST or bias ply tire? My questions are:

* Any failures?
* Difference in Tow versus your previous rims (sway/etc) - if applicable?
* Any rubbing on the trailer fenders?
* How much clearance do you need between the top of tire tread and the fender - there is currently about 1.5 inches?
* Would you buy again?

Based on all the measurements I am going to have to go with a 17" set-up (Gear Alloy - 711C or Vision Wheel http://www.americastire.com/dtcs/fin...&rw=&rc=ORPINT) with the Yokohama S Drive Tire (http://www.americastire.com/dtcs/tir...il.do?pc=43738 My boat and trailer are around 6000 lbs estimated with gear/fuel - I wish I could put a 18" set-up under my trailer, but I do not believe that I would have enough clearance ( the 17" inch set up is only an 1/2 total diameter difference than the current 14" set-up - 1/4" reducution in fender clearance.)

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