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grant_west 01-01-2011 12:38 PM

Nautique Skins pricing?
Hey I was wondering if any of you could help make sence of a quote I got from nautiqueskins. Com
I wanted to get a new skin for my drivers seet. It's 3 pieces a seet base the back rest and the surround the seet is 3 colors White, grey,red,
it has the Nautique logo on the backrest section.
I got a quote from them of $450 for the Drivers seet! That's just for the seet material. It still has to be installed.

I'm I outa my mind in thinking this is pretty expenxieve? Has anyone else had somthing like this done? I wanted to get a skin for the trunk . It's only $250 and it seems like more material and it has all the same colors as the drivers seet.
the only differance seems to be the logo? Is this what could be driving the cost of the drivers seet up? If that's the case I don't need the embroiderd Nautique logo in the seet. I don't know if that's a option to not get the logo.
I have a local guy that I'm 99% sure that can do the job
for cheeper. Any ideas?

mikeski 01-01-2011 2:28 PM

There have been a few threads on PN this year about seat skins. After what I have read I'm not sure I would deal with either nautiqueskins (christines) or copycat covers. Both have had quality and delivery time issues. Seems that copycat will save you 25% or more compared to the Christines price. Either way your local guy is probably a better bet.

murphy_smith 01-01-2011 3:09 PM

That is way over priced. We have some friends who were looking at ordering some skins from Christine and they opted to go locally b/c her prices are too high.

I can call up chee over at Malibu and have him make me a skin for a driver's seat using Malibu Vinyl w/ logo for a $150. That is for the seat bottom and the seat.

I'd go local if I were you.

trace 01-02-2011 9:56 AM

I think those are definitely premium prices, but I can see where they're coming from. Most local guys won't be able to do the logo, and they need to pay off their investment in the embroidery machine. Also, in something like a driver seat, there is more labor in making the skins than installing them. I'd get them done locally. Many T-shirt shops will be able to embroider the logo.

trace 01-02-2011 10:05 AM

Oh, and I used Chee to build skins for my VLX back in 2007. I think Malibu owners are getting a great deal with him, so not really a fair comparison. I shopped around, and he was about 3/4 to half of my local quotes to build the skins.

grant_west 01-11-2011 3:47 PM

Update. I decided to give the middle finger to this place after 2 trys to get this back on track. I talked to george. I asked him why is it so expencieve for the skin? Is it the "N" logo on the seet thats driving p the cost? Nope he said that's only gonna save you $20 to $30 buck's. He gave me no reason for what I thought was a high price. I felt as he was like that's the price take it or leave it. So I was like hey if they do a good job and it's all matching $450 seems high but what the hell. if it comes out perfict its worth it. I got 10 years of use out of it.

I decided to change the shape of my seet. I cut the left side of the seet so I could turn sideways in the drivers seet. ( I have seen a few sangers like this)
I asked George because my seet is custom cut a standard skin is not going to work could I send him my seet so he could fit the skin to my seet. He said Nope!
We are so busy with what we have and that the skins that they make are a standard pattern they didnt have the time or wanted to take on anything that was custom like this? I was bummed but could kinad understand.
So I went to the local upolstrey shop they said "no problem" come pick out your colors. I thought Humm???? Nautique skins.com has all the factory material colors ect mabey they will sell me the material??? I called them today, 3rd Strike they won't sell the material or some how don't know the name of the material or where I could get it???
"F" that Place

big_poppa_pump 01-11-2011 4:22 PM

I had my whole rear engine hatch replaced locally for $1K. The guys did a bang up job and it looks better than factory.

Matching the factory vinyl shouldn't really be a problem. I did a couple small projects myself and went to vinyl supply shop in town, they had about 20 different shades of each of the major colors in a number of different grain styles. I was actually a bit overwhelmed by the selection and I'm kinda picky.

I just took my old stuff in and matched it up in the daylight.

I used to be able to get skins direct from MasterCraft but was told they only keep patterns on file for 5 years or some such thing now. Back then the seat skins for the very front were $80, with embroidery. Whole rear bench was $150.

mikeski 01-11-2011 10:43 PM

My big passenger loveseat has been replaced twice and two other cushions have been replaced under warranty due to the plastic bases warping in the heat. The replacements came directly from Nautique via West Coast Correct Craft and guess what... they don't match. It's pretty close, most don't notice but I do. I suspect they would be pretty close if I did a super cleaning on the older cusions but still the seams don't line up like the originals. I was a real PITA at the dealer and they were good enough to warranty the seats so I just decided to be happy and move on. What really irritates me is that this summer there are two dark spots on the original back seat back. After looking closely I can see two obvious vinyl repair jobs that were done without my knowledge. This was either done at the factory, at Hammers during dealer prep, or at West Coast Correct Craft when they were repairing my tower feet cracks. In any case it is total BS that whoever made the repairs did not tell me nor did they do it right and replace the panel. Now I need to deal with that 2 or 5 years after.

bruce 01-17-2011 5:36 AM

I used a local upholstery shop that the Nautique dealer uses for all their repairs and have been pleased. They even built me a flip up bolster seat.

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