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bcoppinger 12-30-2010 9:31 AM

Helmets for kids
I know a lot of you here have very active small children. My five year old is starting to use inline skates, bikes and whatever else she wants to try. I have looked at several helmets locally, but have always found good information on this site for just about everything. So wake world what helmet suggestions do you have for a five year old to protect the ol noggin with? :confused:

baitkiller 12-31-2010 5:44 AM

It aint cheap brother.

I have ponied up 100$ each for Bauer and CCM hockey helmets.
Then of course American Bell Bike Helmets,
Skater helmets at board shop prices and now...
Looking at a three Shred Readies for the coming summer.
I need to start a foundation.
Last year Cam used his skater helmet but all the foam eventually fell out.

I think the most important issue whatever the brand or price is that it fits. It cant' work right if it doesn't fit right so take the tyke to the store and pick one out and try it on. Walmart is fine.

Or screw it. I was jumping trash cans and skating empty pools at 10. Wearing a helmet would have been more dangerous because somebody would have kicked your ass for being a dork mommas boy!
Oh the pussification of America.
*The above was issued to as mere rhetoric for the entertainment of the posters generation. If you never owned an eight track, you wont understand.

wakeboardingdad 12-31-2010 7:10 AM

Helmet for kids for anything other than wakeboarding or motorcycling? Good luck getting him to wear it when you're not around. I went to the bike shop and bought a name brand bike helmet. Can't remember the brand right now, but it's flat black and the design/brand that all the major freestylers wear. When he picked it out it was evident that he was not going to wear the style I wear when I bike. You know, pointy with lots of airflow... It was $50 or 60 and I told him that if I was going to spend that, he was going to have to wear it; not to mention he had a new black Redline bike to go with it too. He "rocked" it for about 20 mins until he saw that he was the only one wearing a helmet and then it sat on the shelf until he outgrew it. So, it is like new, provides good protection and looks awesome in the garage.

Good luck with the decision. You can lead a horse to the most pristine water in town, but you can't make him drink it.

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